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Last position at 2013-01-13 23:33:00

  • -17.461,121.398
  • Western Australia, Australia
  • Windspeed: 3.200 kmph
  • Direction: 305°
  • IP Address:

All positions on Sunday January 13, 2013

Log Time Position Windspeed Direction Location IP Address
2013-01-13 00:32:00-18.452,122.3319.700 kmph302°LOT 261 Great Northern Highway, Roebuck WA 6725, Australia109.39.165.88
2013-01-13 01:32:00-18.380,122.2799.700 kmph326°LOT 261 Great Northern Highway, Roebuck WA 6725, Australia109.39.166.224
2013-01-13 02:32:00-18.334,122.2208.000 kmph309°Great Northern Highway, Roebuck WA 6725, Australia109.39.168.180
2013-01-13 03:32:00-18.253,122.1879.700 kmph339°Great Northern Highway, Roebuck WA 6725, Australia109.40.84.220
2013-01-13 04:32:00-18.202,122.09511.300 kmph300°Great Northern Highway, Roebuck WA 6725, Australia109.40.82.246
2013-01-13 05:32:00-18.123,122.02711.300 kmph321°Western Australia, Australia109.40.95.215
2013-01-13 06:32:00-18.096,121.9409.700 kmph288°Western Australia, Australia109.40.117.26
2013-01-13 07:32:00-18.037,121.8968.000 kmph325°Western Australia, Australia109.40.119.150
2013-01-13 08:32:00-17.976,121.81111.300 kmph307°Western Australia, Australia109.40.125.170
2013-01-13 09:32:00-17.947,121.7596.400 kmph300°Western Australia, Australia109.40.126.216
2013-01-13 10:32:00-17.883,121.7238.000 kmph332°Western Australia, Australia109.40.131.86
2013-01-13 11:32:00-17.844,121.6419.700 kmph297°Western Australia, Australia109.40.131.255
2013-01-13 12:32:00-17.793,121.54911.300 kmph300°Western Australia, Australia109.40.219.89
2013-01-13 13:32:00-17.717,121.5039.700 kmph330°Western Australia, Australia109.40.228.230
2013-01-13 14:32:00-17.700,121.4308.000 kmph284°Western Australia, Australia109.40.226.75
2013-01-13 15:32:00-17.634,121.3998.000 kmph336°Western Australia, Australia109.40.237.223
2013-01-13 16:32:00-17.632,121.4758.000 kmph88°Western Australia, Australia109.40.232.244
2013-01-13 17:32:00-17.595,121.4286.400 kmph309°Western Australia, Australia109.40.238.141
2013-01-13 18:32:00-17.567,121.3934.800 kmph311°Western Australia, Australia109.43.17.53
2013-01-13 19:32:00-17.551,121.4354.800 kmph68°Western Australia, Australia109.43.17.137
2013-01-13 20:32:00-17.503,121.4928.000 kmph48°Western Australia, Australia109.43.23.222
2013-01-13 21:32:00-17.481,121.4524.800 kmph300°Western Australia, Australia109.43.29.91
2013-01-13 22:32:00-17.477,121.4223.200 kmph277°Western Australia, Australia109.43.29.112
2013-01-13 23:33:00-17.461,121.3983.200 kmph305°Western Australia, Australia109.43.29.220