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Last position at 2013-01-04 23:32:00

  • -17.360,121.873
  • Western Australia, Australia
  • Windspeed: 6.400 kmph
  • Direction: 16°
  • IP Address:

All positions on Friday January 4, 2013

Log Time Position Windspeed Direction Location IP Address
2013-01-04 14:32:00-17.259,121.66411.300 kmph20°Western Australia, Australia109.43.127.32
2013-01-04 15:32:00-17.346,121.6729.700 kmph175°Western Australia, Australia109.43.115.36
2013-01-04 16:32:00-17.299,121.7076.400 kmph35°Western Australia, Australia109.43.124.99
2013-01-04 17:32:00-17.250,121.7396.400 kmph32°Western Australia, Australia109.43.126.59
2013-01-04 18:32:00-17.178,121.7448.000 kmphWestern Australia, Australia109.43.130.6
2013-01-04 19:32:00-17.286,121.79012.900 kmph158°Western Australia, Australia109.43.125.137
2013-01-04 20:32:00-17.339,121.8136.400 kmph157°Western Australia, Australia109.43.114.106
2013-01-04 21:32:00-17.364,121.8293.200 kmph149°Western Australia, Australia109.43.116.248
2013-01-04 22:32:00-17.415,121.8566.400 kmph153°Western Australia, Australia109.43.75.218
2013-01-04 23:32:00-17.360,121.8736.400 kmph16°Western Australia, Australia109.43.116.187