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Last position at 2012-12-11 23:56:00

  • -13.336,119.916
  • Unknown
  • Windspeed: 3.200 kmph
  • Direction: 174°
  • IP Address:

All positions on Tuesday December 11, 2012

Log Time Position Windspeed Direction Location IP Address
2012-12-11 00:57:00-13.739,120.2216.400 kmph75°Unknown109.225.42.104
2012-12-11 01:57:00-13.680,120.1788.000 kmph325°Unknown109.225.213.219
2012-12-11 02:57:00-13.679,120.2386.400 kmph89°Unknown109.225.128.206
2012-12-11 03:57:00-13.617,120.2018.000 kmph330°Unknown109.225.217.72
2012-12-11 04:57:00-13.554,120.1638.000 kmph330°Unknown109.225.218.198
2012-12-11 05:57:00-13.525,120.2318.000 kmph66°Unknown109.225.229.101
2012-12-11 06:57:00-13.496,120.1638.000 kmph294°Unknown109.225.229.249
2012-12-11 07:57:00-13.479,120.2054.800 kmph68°Unknown109.225.230.117
2012-12-11 08:57:00-13.435,120.1468.000 kmph308°Unknown109.225.233.48
2012-12-11 09:57:00-13.431,120.0876.400 kmph274°Unknown109.225.232.45
2012-12-11 10:56:00-13.409,120.0494.800 kmph301°Unknown109.225.237.168
2012-12-11 11:57:00-13.380,119.9986.400 kmph300°Unknown109.225.238.209
2012-12-11 12:57:00-13.366,120.0243.200 kmph60°Unknown109.225.238.184
2012-12-11 13:57:00-13.338,120.0173.200 kmph347°Unknown109.226.17.129
2012-12-11 14:57:00-13.315,119.9993.200 kmph323°Unknown109.226.18.17
2012-12-11 15:57:00-13.301,119.9733.200 kmph297°Unknown109.226.18.51
2012-12-11 16:57:00-13.289,119.9463.200 kmph295°Unknown109.226.19.147
2012-12-11 17:57:00-13.266,119.9084.800 kmph302°Unknown109.226.28.29
2012-12-11 18:57:00-13.280,119.9041.600 kmph197°Unknown109.226.19.227
2012-12-11 19:57:00-13.280,119.9040.000 kmph174°Unknown109.226.19.227
2012-12-11 20:57:00-13.280,119.9040.000 kmph144°Unknown109.226.19.227
2012-12-11 21:58:00-13.293,119.9101.600 kmph157°Unknown109.226.19.209
2012-12-11 22:57:00-13.308,119.9131.600 kmph168°Unknown109.226.19.27
2012-12-11 23:56:00-13.336,119.9163.200 kmph174°Unknown109.226.16.212