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Last position at 2012-11-21 23:57:00

  • -15.453,115.492
  • Unknown
  • Windspeed: 1.600 kmph
  • Direction: 11°
  • IP Address:

All positions on Wednesday November 21, 2012

Log Time Position Windspeed Direction Location IP Address
2012-11-21 00:57:00-15.010,115.1370.000 kmph169°Unknown109.205.152.63
2012-11-21 01:57:00-15.010,115.1370.000 kmph144°Unknown109.205.152.63
2012-11-21 02:57:00-15.010,115.1370.000 kmph181°Unknown109.205.152.63
2012-11-21 03:57:00-15.010,115.1370.000 kmph160°Unknown109.205.152.63
2012-11-21 04:57:00-15.010,115.1370.000 kmph134°Unknown109.205.152.63
2012-11-21 05:57:00-15.025,115.1381.600 kmph175°Unknown109.205.152.12
2012-11-21 06:57:00-15.037,115.1451.600 kmph153°Unknown109.205.151.247
2012-11-21 07:57:00-15.052,115.1451.600 kmph180°Unknown109.205.151.196
2012-11-21 08:57:00-15.052,115.1450.000 kmph35°Unknown109.205.151.196
2012-11-21 09:57:00-15.039,115.1511.600 kmph24°Unknown109.205.151.245
2012-11-21 10:57:00-15.024,115.1491.600 kmph352°Unknown109.205.152.8
2012-11-21 11:57:00-15.024,115.1490.000 kmph160°Unknown109.205.152.8
2012-11-21 12:57:00-15.035,115.1591.600 kmph137°Unknown109.205.151.236
2012-11-21 13:57:00-15.049,115.1611.600 kmph172°Unknown109.205.151.210
2012-11-21 14:57:00-14.887,115.28822.500 kmph37°Unknown109.205.166.95
2012-11-21 15:57:00-15.041,115.33317.700 kmph164°Unknown109.200.195.224
2012-11-21 16:57:00-15.158,115.42116.100 kmph144°Unknown109.200.62.19
2012-11-21 17:57:00-15.270,115.45212.900 kmph165°Unknown109.200.49.132
2012-11-21 18:57:00-15.371,115.46311.300 kmph174°Unknown109.200.13.95
2012-11-21 19:57:00-15.410,115.4834.800 kmph154°Unknown109.200.2.102
2012-11-21 20:58:00-15.439,115.4853.200 kmph177°Unknown109.200.1.154
2012-11-21 21:57:00-15.453,115.4861.600 kmph175°Unknown109.200.4.60
2012-11-21 22:57:00-15.467,115.4891.600 kmph168°Unknown109.200.4.0
2012-11-21 23:57:00-15.453,115.4921.600 kmph11°Unknown109.200.4.61