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Last position at 2012-10-29 23:57:00

  • -9.1381,110.387
  • Asia
  • Windspeed: 6.400 kmph
  • Direction: 53°
  • IP Address:

All positions on Monday October 29, 2012

Log Time Position Windspeed Direction Location IP Address
2012-10-29 00:57:00-8.7277,110.1363.200 kmph171°Asia111.91.210.56
2012-10-29 01:57:00-8.7419,110.1381.600 kmph171°Asia111.91.210.7
2012-10-29 02:57:00-8.7500,110.1501.600 kmph124°Asia111.91.209.236
2012-10-29 03:57:00-8.7569,110.1631.600 kmph119°Asia111.91.209.229
2012-10-29 04:57:00-8.7698,110.1691.600 kmph153°Asia111.91.209.127
2012-10-29 05:57:00-8.7562,110.1741.600 kmph19°Asia111.91.209.177
2012-10-29 06:57:00-8.7433,110.1811.600 kmph27°Asia111.91.210.71
2012-10-29 07:57:00-8.7156,110.1893.200 kmph16°Asia111.91.210.138
2012-10-29 08:58:00-8.7284,110.1961.600 kmph152°Asia111.91.210.109
2012-10-29 09:57:00-8.7684,110.2124.800 kmph158°Asia111.91.212.192
2012-10-29 10:57:00-8.8101,110.2234.800 kmph165°Asia111.91.43.196
2012-10-29 11:57:00-8.7228,110.2259.700 kmphAsia111.91.215.196
2012-10-29 12:57:00-8.8099,110.2319.700 kmph176°Asia111.91.43.197
2012-10-29 13:57:00-8.8938,110.2559.700 kmph164°Asia111.91.39.217
2012-10-29 14:57:00-8.9769,110.2839.700 kmph162°Asia111.91.27.160
2012-10-29 15:57:00-9.0330,110.2966.400 kmph167°Asia111.91.24.106
2012-10-29 16:58:00-9.0208,110.3041.600 kmph32°Asia111.91.25.240
2012-10-29 18:52:00-9.0730,110.3286.400 kmph155°Asia111.91.22.210
2012-10-29 19:57:00-9.1009,110.3353.200 kmph166°Asia111.91.21.232
2012-10-29 20:57:00-9.0577,110.3364.800 kmphAsia111.91.22.232
2012-10-29 21:57:00-9.1296,110.3408.000 kmph177°Asia111.91.21.37
2012-10-29 22:57:00-9.1728,110.3414.800 kmph179°Asia111.88.234.37
2012-10-29 23:57:00-9.1381,110.3876.400 kmph53°Asia111.91.21.86