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Last position at 2012-10-26 23:57:00

  • -9.4516,110.498
  • Asia
  • Windspeed: 12.900 kmph
  • Direction: 284°
  • IP Address:

All positions on Friday October 26, 2012

Log Time Position Windspeed Direction Location IP Address
2012-10-26 00:57:00-10.337,112.11311.300 kmph333°Asia111.86.117.180
2012-10-26 01:57:00-10.226,112.07812.900 kmph343°Asia111.86.122.54
2012-10-26 02:57:00-10.116,112.04012.900 kmph341°Asia111.86.135.163
2012-10-26 03:56:00-10.028,111.96212.900 kmph319°Asia111.86.142.167
2012-10-26 04:57:00-9.9828,111.87011.300 kmph297°Asia111.86.176.162
2012-10-26 05:57:00-9.9060,111.80311.300 kmph319°Asia111.86.188.194
2012-10-26 06:57:00-9.8154,111.75611.300 kmph333°Asia111.89.21.141
2012-10-26 07:57:00-9.9206,111.70612.900 kmph205°Asia111.86.233.48
2012-10-26 08:58:00-10.031,111.67212.900 kmph197°Asia111.86.219.177
2012-10-26 09:58:00-10.130,111.64811.300 kmph193°Asia111.86.215.209
2012-10-26 10:57:00-10.072,111.56411.300 kmph305°Asia111.86.221.231
2012-10-26 11:57:00-10.173,111.57811.300 kmph172°Asia111.86.209.128
2012-10-26 12:57:00-10.102,111.50411.300 kmph314°Asia111.86.220.73
2012-10-26 13:57:00-10.087,111.35716.100 kmph276°Asia111.86.201.63
2012-10-26 14:57:00-10.034,111.23614.500 kmph294°Asia111.86.206.139
2012-10-26 15:57:00-10.002,111.1549.700 kmph291°Asia111.86.240.121
2012-10-26 16:57:00-9.8922,111.08314.500 kmph328°Asia111.87.169.168
2012-10-26 17:57:00-9.8412,110.96214.500 kmph293°Asia111.88.84.67
2012-10-26 18:57:00-9.7505,110.86614.500 kmph314°Asia111.88.93.25
2012-10-26 19:57:00-9.6463,110.96816.100 kmph44°Asia111.88.100.129
2012-10-26 20:57:00-9.6059,110.84314.500 kmph288°Asia111.88.98.59
2012-10-26 21:57:00-9.5410,110.74512.900 kmph304°Asia111.88.108.253
2012-10-26 22:57:00-9.4797,110.61216.100 kmph295°Asia111.88.132.115
2012-10-26 23:57:00-9.4516,110.49812.900 kmph284°Asia111.88.129.239