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Last position at 2012-10-16 23:57:00

  • -12.736,114.860
  • Unknown
  • Windspeed: 0.000 kmph
  • Direction: 238°
  • IP Address:

All positions on Tuesday October 16, 2012

Log Time Position Windspeed Direction Location IP Address
2012-10-16 00:57:00-11.930,114.1514.800 kmph301°Unknown109.254.4.145
2012-10-16 01:57:00-11.887,114.1564.800 kmphUnknown109.254.7.148
2012-10-16 02:57:00-12.089,114.17022.500 kmph176°Unknown109.253.245.252
2012-10-16 03:57:00-12.164,114.24111.300 kmph137°Unknown109.253.202.94
2012-10-16 04:57:00-12.217,114.2646.400 kmph157°Unknown109.253.220.1
2012-10-16 05:57:00-12.268,114.2916.400 kmph153°Unknown109.253.208.231
2012-10-16 06:57:00-12.320,114.3428.000 kmph136°Unknown109.253.47.153
2012-10-16 07:57:00-12.249,114.3568.000 kmph11°Unknown109.253.210.52
2012-10-16 08:57:00-12.362,114.42314.500 kmph150°Unknown109.253.45.155
2012-10-16 09:57:00-12.210,114.47117.700 kmph17°Unknown109.253.216.25
2012-10-16 10:57:00-12.382,114.49619.300 kmph172°Unknown109.253.40.117
2012-10-16 11:57:00-12.476,114.58814.500 kmph136°Unknown109.253.37.92
2012-10-16 12:57:00-12.320,114.62517.700 kmph13°Unknown109.253.127.201
2012-10-16 13:57:00-12.460,114.70417.700 kmph151°Unknown109.253.113.62
2012-10-16 14:57:00-12.551,114.77712.900 kmph142°Unknown109.253.77.105
2012-10-16 15:57:00-12.648,114.81011.300 kmph162°Unknown109.253.68.30
2012-10-16 16:57:00-12.672,114.8253.200 kmph148°Unknown109.242.187.217
2012-10-16 17:57:00-12.698,114.8383.200 kmph155°Unknown109.242.187.68
2012-10-16 18:57:00-12.723,114.8543.200 kmph147°Unknown109.242.184.145
2012-10-16 19:57:00-12.736,114.8601.600 kmph157°Unknown109.242.184.91
2012-10-16 20:57:00-12.736,114.8600.000 kmph15°Unknown109.242.184.91
2012-10-16 21:57:00-12.736,114.8600.000 kmph120°Unknown109.242.184.91
2012-10-16 22:58:00-12.736,114.8600.000 kmph157°Unknown109.242.184.91
2012-10-16 23:57:00-12.736,114.8600.000 kmph238°Unknown109.242.184.91