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Last position at 2012-09-28 23:58:00

  • -8.5030,110.571
  • Indonesia
  • Windspeed: 3.200 kmph
  • Direction: 8°
  • IP Address:

All positions on Friday September 28, 2012

Log Time Position Windspeed Direction Location IP Address
2012-09-28 00:57:00-8.4041,110.4328.000 kmphIndonesia111.100.64.176
2012-09-28 01:57:00-8.3610,110.4354.800 kmphIndonesia111.100.67.176
2012-09-28 02:57:00-8.3482,110.4421.600 kmph27°Indonesia111.100.76.66
2012-09-28 04:57:00-8.3615,110.4471.600 kmph158°Indonesia111.100.67.180
2012-09-28 05:57:00-8.3732,110.4561.600 kmph144°Indonesia111.100.67.111
2012-09-28 06:57:00-8.3835,110.4661.600 kmph136°Indonesia111.100.67.100
2012-09-28 07:57:00-8.3621,110.4853.200 kmph42°Indonesia111.100.66.206
2012-09-28 08:57:00-8.3899,110.4933.200 kmph165°Indonesia111.100.66.6
2012-09-28 09:57:00-8.4305,110.5084.800 kmph160°Indonesia111.100.65.30
2012-09-28 10:57:00-8.5170,110.5209.700 kmph172°Indonesia111.91.189.79
2012-09-28 11:57:00-8.5602,110.5214.800 kmph179°Indonesia111.91.178.79
2012-09-28 12:57:00-8.5377,110.4676.400 kmph293°Indonesia111.91.179.164
2012-09-28 13:57:00-8.4657,110.4698.000 kmphIndonesia111.91.191.104
2012-09-28 14:57:00-8.5123,110.5036.400 kmph144°Indonesia111.91.189.34
2012-09-28 15:57:00-8.5900,110.5439.700 kmph153°Indonesia111.91.177.144
2012-09-28 16:57:00-8.6040,110.5461.600 kmph166°Indonesia111.91.177.95
2012-09-28 17:57:00-8.5898,110.5481.600 kmphIndonesia111.91.177.146
2012-09-28 18:56:00-8.5613,110.5533.200 kmphIndonesia111.91.178.91
2012-09-28 19:57:00-8.5747,110.5581.600 kmph158°Indonesia111.91.177.169
2012-09-28 20:57:00-8.6466,110.5628.000 kmph177°Indonesia111.91.142.101
2012-09-28 21:57:00-8.5746,110.5648.000 kmphIndonesia111.91.180.252
2012-09-28 22:57:00-8.5315,110.5674.800 kmphIndonesia111.91.183.252
2012-09-28 23:58:00-8.5030,110.5713.200 kmphIndonesia111.91.184.193