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Last position at 2012-09-16 23:52:00

  • -7.9965,108.230
  • Indonesia
  • Windspeed: 6.400 kmph
  • Direction: 154°
  • IP Address:

All positions on Sunday September 16, 2012

Log Time Position Windspeed Direction Location IP Address
2012-09-16 00:57:00-7.5833,107.8161.600 kmph165°Jalan Cikajang - Pameungpeuk, Cisompet 44174, Indonesia111.99.75.122
2012-09-16 01:57:00-7.5971,107.8201.600 kmph164°Jalan Cikajang - Pameungpeuk, Cisompet 44174, Indonesia111.99.75.92
2012-09-16 02:57:00-7.5971,107.8200.000 kmph176°Jalan Cikajang - Pameungpeuk, Cisompet 44174, Indonesia111.99.75.92
2012-09-16 03:57:00-7.5832,107.8241.600 kmph14°Jalan Cikajang - Pameungpeuk, Cisompet 44174, Indonesia111.99.75.110
2012-09-16 04:57:00-7.5967,107.8191.600 kmph200°Jalan Cikajang - Pameungpeuk, Cisompet 44174, Indonesia111.99.75.92
2012-09-16 05:57:00-7.6386,107.8294.800 kmph166°Jalan Cikajang - Pameungpeuk, Pameungpeuk 44175, Indonesia111.99.72.91
2012-09-16 06:52:00-7.5838,107.8476.400 kmph18°Jalan Cikajang - Pameungpeuk, Cisompet 44174, Indonesia111.99.74.62
2012-09-16 07:52:00-7.6244,107.8624.800 kmph160°Jalan Cibalong-Miramare, Cibalong 44176, Indonesia111.99.73.208
2012-09-16 08:57:00-7.6650,107.8774.800 kmph160°Jalan Cibalong-Miramare, Cibalong 44176, Indonesia111.99.70.215
2012-09-16 09:57:00-7.6259,107.8954.800 kmph25°Jalan Raya Cipatujah, Cipatujah 46189, Indonesia111.99.73.123
2012-09-16 10:52:00-7.5480,107.96111.300 kmph40°Jalan Raya Barat Sodonghilir, Sodonghilir 46473, Indonesia111.99.96.36
2012-09-16 11:57:00-7.6323,107.9849.700 kmph165°Jalan Raya Cipatujah, Cipatujah 46189, Indonesia111.99.92.119
2012-09-16 12:57:00-7.6800,108.0176.400 kmph146°Jalan Raya Cipatujah, Cipatujah 46189, Indonesia111.99.82.48
2012-09-16 13:57:00-7.7369,108.0266.400 kmph171°Jalan Raya Cipatujah, Cipatujah 46189, Indonesia111.96.174.251
2012-09-16 14:57:00-7.8190,108.0569.700 kmph160°Jalan Cipatujah - Cikalong, Karangnunggal 46186, Indonesia111.96.173.22
2012-09-16 15:57:00-7.8711,108.0806.400 kmph155°Jalan Raya Sindangkerta, Cipatujah 46189, Indonesia111.96.161.172
2012-09-16 16:57:00-7.9392,108.1048.000 kmph161°Indonesia111.96.155.51
2012-09-16 17:57:00-7.9914,108.1296.400 kmph155°Indonesia111.96.152.28
2012-09-16 18:57:00-8.0441,108.1788.000 kmph137°Indonesia111.96.148.174
2012-09-16 19:57:00-8.0025,108.1904.800 kmph16°Indonesia111.96.150.252
2012-09-16 20:57:00-7.9612,108.1784.800 kmph343°Jalan Raya Kalapa Genep, Cikalong 46195, Indonesia111.96.152.162
2012-09-16 21:58:00-8.0013,108.1944.800 kmph158°Indonesia111.96.150.255
2012-09-16 22:57:00-7.9447,108.2056.400 kmph11°Jalan Raya Kalapa Genep, Cikalong 46195, Indonesia111.96.154.11
2012-09-16 23:52:00-7.9965,108.2306.400 kmph154°Indonesia111.96.153.22