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Last position at 2012-09-11 23:56:00

  • -6.2850,105.906
  • Jalan Cinangka - Pantai Carita, Labuhan 42264, Indonesia
  • Windspeed: 9.700 kmph
  • Direction: 155°
  • IP Address:

All positions on Tuesday September 11, 2012

Log Time Position Windspeed Direction Location IP Address
2012-09-11 00:57:00-6.4038,105.2639.700 kmph105°Sunda Strait, Indonesia111.120.173.117
2012-09-11 01:57:00-6.4452,105.3036.400 kmph136°Sunda Strait, Indonesia111.120.167.55
2012-09-11 02:57:00-6.4882,105.3074.800 kmph175°Sunda Strait, Indonesia111.120.164.57
2012-09-11 03:57:00-6.5436,105.3236.400 kmph164°Sunda Strait, Indonesia111.120.155.24
2012-09-11 04:57:00-6.4568,105.3329.700 kmphSunda Strait, Indonesia111.120.167.22
2012-09-11 05:57:00-6.3705,105.3469.700 kmphSunda Strait, Indonesia111.120.171.71
2012-09-11 07:57:00-6.4667,105.37911.300 kmph161°Sunda Strait, Indonesia111.120.165.252
2012-09-11 08:57:00-6.3660,105.39311.300 kmphSunda Strait, Indonesia111.120.170.8
2012-09-11 09:57:00-6.4169,105.49812.900 kmph116°Sunda Strait, Indonesia111.121.252.17
2012-09-11 10:57:00-6.3157,105.50911.300 kmphSunda Strait, Indonesia111.122.0.37
2012-09-11 11:57:00-6.2236,105.55211.300 kmph25°Sunda Strait, Indonesia111.122.12.105
2012-09-11 12:57:00-6.1258,105.58011.300 kmph16°Sunda Strait, Indonesia111.122.49.220
2012-09-11 13:57:00-6.0707,105.5976.400 kmph17°Sunda Strait, Indonesia111.122.50.188
2012-09-11 14:57:00-6.1812,105.63312.900 kmph162°Sunda Strait, Indonesia111.122.14.103
2012-09-11 15:57:00-6.2655,105.6569.700 kmph165°Sunda Strait, Indonesia111.122.7.59
2012-09-11 16:57:00-6.1845,105.6899.700 kmph22°Jalan Raya Carita, Labuhan 42264, Indonesia111.122.11.112
2012-09-11 17:57:00-6.0974,105.74211.300 kmph31°Jalan Raya Anyar - Carita, Serang 42167, Indonesia111.122.54.52
2012-09-11 18:57:00-6.1758,105.7809.700 kmph154°Jalan Raya Carita, Labuhan 42264, Indonesia111.122.10.126
2012-09-11 19:58:00-6.1063,105.7998.000 kmph15°Jalan Raya Anyer, Serang 42167, Indonesia111.122.54.83
2012-09-11 20:57:00-6.1883,105.8299.700 kmph160°Jalan Raya Anyar - Carita, Serang 42167, Indonesia111.122.31.11
2012-09-11 21:57:00-6.1202,105.8538.000 kmph19°Jalan Raya Anyer, Serang 42167, Indonesia111.122.32.228
2012-09-11 22:57:00-6.2059,105.8699.700 kmph169°Jalan Cinangka - Pantai Carita, Serang 42167, Indonesia111.122.28.177
2012-09-11 23:56:00-6.2850,105.9069.700 kmph155°Jalan Cinangka - Pantai Carita, Labuhan 42264, Indonesia111.122.18.0