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Last position at 2012-09-10 23:57:00

  • -6.3812,105.178
  • Sunda Strait, Indonesia
  • Windspeed: 4.800 kmph
  • Direction: 160°
  • IP Address:

All positions on Monday September 10, 2012

Log Time Position Windspeed Direction Location IP Address
2012-09-10 00:57:00-5.7576,104.7934.800 kmph360°Jalan Kota Agung - Balimbing, Pematang Sawa, Indonesia111.123.179.17
2012-09-10 01:57:00-5.7218,104.7694.800 kmph326°Jalan Kota Agung - Balimbing, Pematang Sawa, Indonesia111.123.179.242
2012-09-10 02:57:00-5.7442,104.7873.200 kmph141°Jalan Kota Agung - Balimbing, Pematang Sawa, Indonesia111.123.179.35
2012-09-10 03:57:00-5.7724,104.7933.200 kmph168°Jalan Kota Agung - Balimbing, Pematang Sawa, Indonesia111.123.176.221
2012-09-10 04:57:00-5.8109,104.8134.800 kmph153°Jalan Kota Agung - Balimbing, Pematang Sawa, Indonesia111.123.143.177
2012-09-10 05:57:00-5.8414,104.7824.800 kmph225°Jalan Kota Agung - Balimbing, Pematang Sawa, Indonesia111.123.143.6
2012-09-10 06:57:00-5.8136,104.7903.200 kmph15°Jalan Kota Agung - Balimbing, Pematang Sawa, Indonesia111.123.143.223
2012-09-10 07:57:00-5.8684,104.8076.400 kmph162°Jalan Kota Agung - Balimbing, Pematang Sawa, Indonesia111.123.140.127
2012-09-10 08:57:00-5.9084,104.8244.800 kmph158°Jalan Kota Agung - Balimbing, Pematang Sawa, Indonesia111.123.131.134
2012-09-10 09:57:00-5.9431,104.8706.400 kmph127°Sunda Strait, Indonesia111.123.129.245
2012-09-10 10:57:00-5.8874,104.8856.400 kmph15°Sunda Strait, Indonesia111.123.141.20
2012-09-10 11:57:00-5.9249,104.9074.800 kmph150°Sunda Strait, Indonesia111.123.130.75
2012-09-10 12:58:00-5.9805,104.9226.400 kmph165°Sunda Strait, Indonesia111.123.126.175
2012-09-10 13:58:00-6.0686,104.97311.300 kmph150°Sunda Strait, Indonesia111.123.119.232
2012-09-10 14:57:00-6.0001,104.9958.000 kmph18°Sunda Strait, Indonesia111.123.123.123
2012-09-10 15:57:00-6.0478,105.0286.400 kmph146°Sunda Strait, Indonesia111.123.121.60
2012-09-10 16:57:00-6.1182,105.0438.000 kmph168°Sunda Strait, Indonesia111.123.117.245
2012-09-10 17:57:00-6.1730,105.0616.400 kmph162°Sunda Strait, Indonesia111.123.74.212
2012-09-10 18:57:00-6.2159,105.0554.800 kmph187°Sunda Strait, Indonesia111.123.73.210
2012-09-10 19:57:00-6.2591,105.0564.800 kmph179°Sunda Strait, Indonesia111.123.70.210
2012-09-10 20:57:00-6.2229,105.0804.800 kmph33°Sunda Strait, Indonesia111.123.73.125
2012-09-10 21:57:00-6.2985,105.1249.700 kmph150°Sunda Strait, Indonesia111.123.80.206
2012-09-10 22:57:00-6.3406,105.1636.400 kmph137°Sunda Strait, Indonesia111.120.175.143
2012-09-10 23:57:00-6.3812,105.1784.800 kmph160°Sunda Strait, Indonesia111.120.172.182