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Last position at 2012-09-04 23:57:00

  • -4.5505,103.706
  • Pulau Beringin, Indonesia
  • Windspeed: 8.000 kmph
  • Direction: 295°
  • IP Address:

All positions on Tuesday September 4, 2012

Log Time Position Windspeed Direction Location IP Address
2012-09-04 00:57:00-4.7767,103.3763.200 kmph162°Jalan Lintas Barat, Kaur Selatan, Indonesia111.130.79.54
2012-09-04 01:57:00-4.7767,103.3760.000 kmph165°Jalan Lintas Barat, Kaur Selatan, Indonesia111.130.79.54
2012-09-04 02:57:00-4.7767,103.3760.000 kmph158°Jalan Lintas Barat, Kaur Selatan, Indonesia111.130.79.54
2012-09-04 03:57:00-4.8028,103.3883.200 kmph155°Jalan Lintas Barat, Kaur Selatan, Indonesia111.130.76.222
2012-09-04 04:57:00-4.8169,103.3911.600 kmph168°Jalan Lintas Barat, Kaur Selatan, Indonesia111.130.76.40
2012-09-04 05:57:00-4.8590,103.4014.800 kmph167°Jalan Lintas Barat, Kaur Selatan, Indonesia111.130.67.127
2012-09-04 06:57:00-4.8159,103.4044.800 kmphJalan Lintas Barat, Kaur Selatan, Indonesia111.130.76.127
2012-09-04 07:58:00-4.8844,103.4278.000 kmph162°Jalan Lintas Barat, Kaur Selatan, Indonesia111.130.64.172
2012-09-04 08:57:00-4.8557,103.4293.200 kmphJalan Lintas Barat, Kaur Selatan, Indonesia111.130.67.145
2012-09-04 09:57:00-4.8985,103.4354.800 kmph172°Jalan Lintas Barat, Kaur Selatan, Indonesia111.130.64.151
2012-09-04 10:57:00-4.9557,103.4416.400 kmph174°Jalan Krui - Bintuhan, Kaur Selatan, Indonesia111.129.191.101
2012-09-04 11:57:00-4.9958,103.4574.800 kmph158°Jalan Krui - Bintuhan, Lemong, Indonesia111.129.189.55
2012-09-04 12:57:00-4.9407,103.4746.400 kmph17°Jalan Krui - Bintuhan, Lemong, Indonesia111.129.190.210
2012-09-04 13:57:00-4.9274,103.5154.800 kmph72°Jalan Krui - Bintuhan, Lemong, Indonesia111.129.190.172
2012-09-04 14:57:00-4.9096,103.5383.200 kmph52°Jalan Lintas Barat, Lemong, Indonesia111.130.68.49
2012-09-04 15:57:00-4.8890,103.4846.400 kmph291°Jalan Lintas Barat, Maje, Indonesia111.130.65.229
2012-09-04 16:58:00-4.8447,103.5418.000 kmph52°Jalan Lintas Barat, Maje, Indonesia111.130.71.241
2012-09-04 17:57:00-4.7738,103.5548.000 kmph10°Jalan Krui - Bintuhan, Kaur Selatan, Indonesia111.130.75.57
2012-09-04 18:57:00-4.7330,103.5946.400 kmph45°Maje, Indonesia111.130.116.118
2012-09-04 19:57:00-4.7133,103.6496.400 kmph70°Nasal, Indonesia111.130.117.225
2012-09-04 20:57:00-4.6887,103.7178.000 kmph70°Mekakau Ilir, Indonesia111.130.99.50
2012-09-04 21:57:00-4.6124,103.6749.700 kmph331°Pulau Beringin, Indonesia111.130.122.66
2012-09-04 22:57:00-4.5809,103.77111.300 kmph72°Mekakau Ilir, Indonesia111.130.111.181
2012-09-04 23:57:00-4.5505,103.7068.000 kmph295°Pulau Beringin, Indonesia111.130.133.106