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Last position at 2012-09-02 23:56:00

  • -4.8682,103.229
  • Jalan Lintas Barat Bengkulu - Lampung, Kaur Selatan, Indonesia
  • Windspeed: 3.200 kmph
  • Direction: 172°
  • IP Address:

All positions on Sunday September 2, 2012

Log Time Position Windspeed Direction Location IP Address
2012-09-02 00:57:00-4.7470,102.9503.200 kmph171°Mentawai Strait, Indonesia111.130.53.20
2012-09-02 01:57:00-4.8087,102.9888.000 kmph149°Mentawai Strait, Indonesia111.130.9.147
2012-09-02 02:58:00-4.8661,102.9926.400 kmph176°Mentawai Strait, Indonesia111.130.6.97
2012-09-02 03:57:00-4.8940,102.9993.200 kmph165°Mentawai Strait, Indonesia111.130.5.153
2012-09-02 04:57:00-4.9337,103.0164.800 kmph157°Mentawai Strait, Indonesia111.129.239.244
2012-09-02 05:57:00-4.8617,103.0178.000 kmphMentawai Strait, Indonesia111.130.19.56
2012-09-02 06:57:00-4.8899,103.0233.200 kmph168°Mentawai Strait, Indonesia111.130.16.245
2012-09-02 07:57:00-4.8613,103.0263.200 kmphMentawai Strait, Indonesia111.130.19.57
2012-09-02 08:57:00-4.8894,103.0323.200 kmph168°Mentawai Strait, Indonesia111.130.16.225
2012-09-02 09:57:00-4.8181,103.0438.000 kmphMentawai Strait, Indonesia111.130.28.40
2012-09-02 10:57:00-4.8548,103.0654.800 kmph148°Mentawai Strait, Indonesia111.130.19.133
2012-09-02 11:57:00-4.8971,103.1248.000 kmph126°Mentawai Strait, Indonesia111.130.17.210
2012-09-02 12:58:00-4.8253,103.1298.000 kmphJalan Lintas Barat Bengkulu - Lampung, Kaur Tengah, Indonesia111.130.29.27
2012-09-02 13:57:00-4.8849,103.1698.000 kmph146°Mentawai Strait, Indonesia111.130.17.167
2012-09-02 14:57:00-4.8418,103.1714.800 kmphJalan Lintas Barat Bengkulu - Lampung, Kaur Tengah, Indonesia111.130.18.167
2012-09-02 15:57:00-4.8985,103.1816.400 kmph170°Jalan Lintas Barat Bengkulu - Lampung, Kaur Selatan, Indonesia111.130.20.192
2012-09-02 16:57:00-4.9409,103.1894.800 kmph169°Mentawai Strait, Indonesia111.129.235.194
2012-09-02 17:57:00-4.8979,103.1944.800 kmphJalan Lintas Barat Bengkulu - Lampung, Kaur Selatan, Indonesia111.130.20.199
2012-09-02 18:57:00-4.8550,103.1984.800 kmphJalan Lintas Barat Bengkulu - Lampung, Kaur Selatan, Indonesia111.130.23.197
2012-09-02 19:57:00-4.8835,103.2023.200 kmph172°Jalan Lintas Barat Bengkulu - Lampung, Kaur Selatan, Indonesia111.130.20.249
2012-09-02 20:57:00-4.9106,103.2123.200 kmph160°Jalan Lintas Barat Bengkulu - Lampung, Kaur Selatan, Indonesia111.130.20.33
2012-09-02 21:57:00-4.8680,103.2204.800 kmph10°Jalan Lintas Barat Bengkulu - Lampung, Kaur Selatan, Indonesia111.130.23.37
2012-09-02 22:57:00-4.8397,103.2253.200 kmph10°Jalan Lintas Barat Bengkulu - Lampung, Kaur Selatan, Indonesia111.130.23.188
2012-09-02 23:56:00-4.8682,103.2293.200 kmph172°Jalan Lintas Barat Bengkulu - Lampung, Kaur Selatan, Indonesia111.130.23.112