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Last position at 2012-09-01 23:57:00

  • -4.7185,102.946
  • Mentawai Strait, Indonesia
  • Windspeed: 8.000 kmph
  • Direction: 11°
  • IP Address:

All positions on Saturday September 1, 2012

Log Time Position Windspeed Direction Location IP Address
2012-09-01 00:58:00-4.1486,102.6291.600 kmph298°Jalan Raya Manna - Bengkulu, Talo, Indonesia111.140.86.137
2012-09-01 01:57:00-4.1772,102.6333.200 kmph172°Jalan Raya Manna - Bengkulu, Talo, Indonesia111.140.85.175
2012-09-01 02:57:00-4.2192,102.6434.800 kmph167°Jalan Raya Manna - Bengkulu, Talo, Indonesia111.140.85.84
2012-09-01 03:57:00-4.2472,102.6503.200 kmph166°Jalan Raya Manna - Bengkulu, Talo, Indonesia111.131.170.105
2012-09-01 04:57:00-4.2472,102.6500.000 kmph179°Jalan Raya Manna - Bengkulu, Talo, Indonesia111.131.170.105
2012-09-01 05:57:00-4.2554,102.6621.600 kmph125°Jalan Raya Manna - Bengkulu, Talo, Indonesia111.130.255.14
2012-09-01 06:57:00-4.2411,102.6631.600 kmphJalan Raya Manna - Bengkulu, Talo, Indonesia111.130.255.193
2012-09-01 07:58:00-4.2692,102.6703.200 kmph167°Jalan Raya Manna - Bengkulu, Talo, Indonesia111.130.252.249
2012-09-01 08:58:00-4.2404,102.6703.200 kmphJalan Raya Manna - Bengkulu, Talo, Indonesia111.130.255.197
2012-09-01 09:57:00-4.2829,102.6784.800 kmph170°Jalan Raya Manna - Bengkulu, Talo, Indonesia111.130.252.211
2012-09-01 10:57:00-4.2834,102.7063.200 kmph91°Jalan Raya Manna - Bengkulu, Talo, Indonesia111.130.252.129
2012-09-01 11:57:00-4.2933,102.7171.600 kmph133°Jalan Raya Manna - Bengkulu, Semidang Alas Maras, Indonesia111.130.252.118
2012-09-01 12:57:00-4.2789,102.7181.600 kmphJalan Raya Manna - Bengkulu, Semidang Alas Maras, Indonesia111.130.252.137
2012-09-01 13:57:00-4.3134,102.7444.800 kmph143°Jalan Raya Manna - Bengkulu, Semidang Alas Maras, Indonesia111.130.242.252
2012-09-01 14:57:00-4.3483,102.7694.800 kmph144°Jalan Raya Manna - Bengkulu, Semidang Alas Maras, Indonesia111.130.242.18
2012-09-01 15:57:00-4.3627,102.7701.600 kmph176°Jalan Raya Manna - Bengkulu, Pinoraya, Indonesia111.130.241.225
2012-09-01 16:58:00-4.3907,102.7773.200 kmph167°Jalan Raya Manna - Bengkulu, Pinoraya, Indonesia111.130.241.23
2012-09-01 17:57:00-4.5023,102.80912.900 kmph164°Jalan Fatmawati, Manna Kaur, Indonesia111.130.194.147
2012-09-01 18:57:00-4.6018,102.83011.300 kmph168°Jalan Lintas Barat Bengkulu - Lampung, Manna, Indonesia111.130.59.51
2012-09-01 19:57:00-4.6891,102.8319.700 kmph179°Mentawai Strait, Indonesia111.130.55.51
2012-09-01 20:57:00-4.8017,102.86012.900 kmph166°Mentawai Strait, Indonesia111.130.8.225
2012-09-01 21:57:00-4.6776,102.90014.500 kmph18°Jalan Lintas Barat Bengkulu - Lampung, Tanjung Kemuning, Indonesia111.130.55.147
2012-09-01 22:57:00-4.7892,102.93212.900 kmph164°Mentawai Strait, Indonesia111.130.10.4
2012-09-01 23:57:00-4.7185,102.9468.000 kmph11°Mentawai Strait, Indonesia111.130.53.221