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Last position at 2012-08-25 23:57:00

  • -3.9783,100.339
  • Indonesia
  • Windspeed: 12.900 kmph
  • Direction: 169°
  • IP Address:

All positions on Saturday August 25, 2012

Log Time Position Windspeed Direction Location IP Address
2012-08-25 00:57:00-3.3086,100.0971.600 kmph130°Indonesia111.218.52.155
2012-08-25 01:57:00-3.3145,100.1111.600 kmph114°Indonesia111.218.53.194
2012-08-25 02:57:00-3.3288,100.1111.600 kmph177°Indonesia111.218.53.49
2012-08-25 03:57:00-3.3288,100.1110.000 kmph32°Indonesia111.218.53.49
2012-08-25 04:57:00-3.3148,100.1151.600 kmph13°Indonesia111.218.53.194
2012-08-25 05:57:00-3.3407,100.1273.200 kmph154°Indonesia111.218.53.16
2012-08-25 06:57:00-3.3263,100.1281.600 kmphIndonesia111.218.53.35
2012-08-25 07:57:00-3.3404,100.1311.600 kmph168°Indonesia111.218.53.16
2012-08-25 08:57:00-3.3945,100.1516.400 kmph160°Indonesia111.218.9.176
2012-08-25 09:57:00-3.4376,100.1544.800 kmph176°Indonesia111.218.6.177
2012-08-25 10:57:00-3.4938,100.1676.400 kmph167°Indonesia111.218.5.133
2012-08-25 11:57:00-3.5225,100.1673.200 kmph179°Indonesia111.217.250.182
2012-08-25 12:57:00-3.5480,100.1813.200 kmph152°Indonesia111.217.250.97
2012-08-25 13:57:00-3.5910,100.1854.800 kmph175°Indonesia111.217.249.103
2012-08-25 14:57:00-3.5627,100.1903.200 kmph11°Indonesia111.217.249.170
2012-08-25 15:57:00-3.5348,100.1973.200 kmph14°Indonesia111.217.239.195
2012-08-25 16:57:00-3.6365,100.19911.300 kmph179°Indonesia111.217.227.49
2012-08-25 17:57:00-3.6554,100.2213.200 kmph131°Indonesia111.217.224.226
2012-08-25 18:57:00-3.6837,100.2263.200 kmph170°Indonesia111.217.224.27
2012-08-25 19:57:00-3.5964,100.2279.700 kmphIndonesia111.217.236.27
2012-08-25 20:58:00-3.6981,100.22711.300 kmph180°Indonesia111.217.223.232
2012-08-25 21:57:00-3.7722,100.2749.700 kmph148°Indonesia111.217.220.91
2012-08-25 22:57:00-3.8643,100.31711.300 kmph155°Indonesia111.217.209.23
2012-08-25 23:57:00-3.9783,100.33912.900 kmph169°Indonesia111.217.34.132