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Last position at 2012-08-23 23:57:00

  • -3.1782,100.040
  • Indonesia
  • Windspeed: 4.800 kmph
  • Direction: 154°
  • IP Address:

All positions on Thursday August 23, 2012

Log Time Position Windspeed Direction Location IP Address
2012-08-23 00:57:00-2.9077,99.95896.400 kmph160°Indonesia111.218.242.226
2012-08-23 01:57:00-2.9221,99.95941.600 kmph178°Indonesia111.218.242.209
2012-08-23 02:57:00-2.9794,99.96546.400 kmph174°Indonesia111.218.241.27
2012-08-23 03:57:00-3.0335,99.98516.400 kmph160°Indonesia111.218.206.68
2012-08-23 04:57:00-3.0744,99.99924.800 kmph161°Indonesia111.218.205.83
2012-08-23 05:57:00-3.0881,100.0031.600 kmph162°Indonesia111.218.194.161
2012-08-23 06:57:00-3.1168,100.0053.200 kmph176°Indonesia111.218.194.82
2012-08-23 07:57:00-3.1096,100.0181.600 kmph60°Indonesia111.218.199.48
2012-08-23 08:58:00-3.1484,100.0374.800 kmph154°Indonesia111.218.196.57
2012-08-23 09:57:00-3.1073,100.0504.800 kmph18°Indonesia111.218.199.39
2012-08-23 10:57:00-3.1212,100.0541.600 kmph165°Indonesia111.218.199.20
2012-08-23 11:57:00-3.0931,100.0603.200 kmph12°Indonesia111.218.199.217
2012-08-23 12:57:00-3.0499,100.0614.800 kmphIndonesia111.218.200.140
2012-08-23 13:57:00-3.0747,100.0264.800 kmph235°Indonesia111.218.200.2
2012-08-23 14:57:00-3.0890,100.0271.600 kmph175°Indonesia111.218.199.206
2012-08-23 15:57:00-3.0623,100.0383.200 kmph22°Indonesia111.218.200.54
2012-08-23 16:57:00-3.0903,100.0453.200 kmph166°Indonesia111.218.199.222
2012-08-23 17:57:00-3.0820,100.0024.800 kmph281°Indonesia111.218.194.173
2012-08-23 18:57:00-3.0690,100.0091.600 kmph25°Indonesia111.218.205.91
2012-08-23 19:57:00-3.0834,100.0091.600 kmph179°Indonesia111.218.194.167
2012-08-23 20:57:00-3.0834,100.0090.000 kmph154°Indonesia111.218.194.167
2012-08-23 21:57:00-3.1260,100.0164.800 kmph171°Indonesia111.218.193.169
2012-08-23 22:57:00-3.1394,100.0211.600 kmph158°Indonesia111.218.196.195
2012-08-23 23:57:00-3.1782,100.0404.800 kmph154°Indonesia111.218.59.223