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Last position at 2012-08-12 23:57:00

  • -0.9509,97.8974
  • Indonesia
  • Windspeed: 1.600 kmph
  • Direction: 160°
  • IP Address:

All positions on Sunday August 12, 2012

Log Time Position Windspeed Direction Location IP Address
2012-08-12 00:57:00-0.8475,97.87303.200 kmph214°Indonesia111.237.177.142
2012-08-12 01:56:00-0.8340,97.86781.600 kmph339°Indonesia111.237.178.64
2012-08-12 02:57:00-0.8479,97.86381.600 kmph196°Indonesia111.237.177.143
2012-08-12 03:55:00-0.8271,97.84383.200 kmph316°Indonesia111.237.178.31
2012-08-12 04:57:00-0.8221,97.81553.200 kmph280°Indonesia111.237.179.102
2012-08-12 05:57:00-0.8079,97.81371.600 kmph353°Indonesia111.237.179.152
2012-08-12 07:57:00-0.7822,97.80063.200 kmph333°Indonesia111.237.188.95
2012-08-12 08:57:00-0.8058,97.78413.200 kmph215°Indonesia111.237.179.142
2012-08-12 09:57:00-0.8317,97.77153.200 kmph206°Indonesia111.237.179.22
2012-08-12 10:57:00-0.8407,97.78271.600 kmph129°Indonesia111.237.176.189
2012-08-12 11:57:00-0.8534,97.80863.200 kmph116°Indonesia111.237.176.151
2012-08-12 12:58:00-0.8645,97.81761.600 kmph141°Indonesia111.237.176.102
2012-08-12 13:57:00-0.8762,97.80921.600 kmph216°Indonesia111.237.176.87
2012-08-12 14:57:00-0.8895,97.81461.600 kmph158°Indonesia111.237.143.165
2012-08-12 15:57:00-0.9464,97.82366.400 kmph171°Indonesia111.237.141.63
2012-08-12 16:57:00-0.9725,97.83573.200 kmph155°Indonesia111.237.130.248
2012-08-12 17:57:00-0.9380,97.86174.800 kmph37°Indonesia111.237.141.217
2012-08-12 18:57:00-0.9106,97.87063.200 kmph18°Indonesia111.237.142.113
2012-08-12 19:57:00-0.9246,97.87411.600 kmph166°Indonesia111.237.141.190
2012-08-12 20:57:00-0.9518,97.88353.200 kmph161°Indonesia111.237.141.118
2012-08-12 21:57:00-0.9235,97.88853.200 kmph10°Indonesia111.237.142.80
2012-08-12 22:57:00-0.9373,97.89251.600 kmph164°Indonesia111.237.141.158
2012-08-12 23:57:00-0.9509,97.89741.600 kmph160°Indonesia111.237.141.104