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Last position at 2012-08-01 23:57:00

  • 1.19890,96.3377
  • Indonesia
  • Windspeed: 8.000 kmph
  • Direction: 168°
  • IP Address:

All positions on Wednesday August 1, 2012

Log Time Position Windspeed Direction Location IP Address
2012-08-01 00:57:001.39713,96.20311.600 kmph265°Indonesia144.19.235.178
2012-08-01 01:57:001.39713,96.20310.000 kmph136°Indonesia144.19.235.178
2012-08-01 02:57:001.39713,96.20310.000 kmph153°Indonesia144.19.235.178
2012-08-01 03:57:001.39713,96.20310.000 kmph141°Indonesia144.19.235.178
2012-08-01 04:56:001.39713,96.20310.000 kmph233°Indonesia144.19.235.178
2012-08-01 05:56:001.39713,96.20310.000 kmph125°Indonesia144.19.235.178
2012-08-01 06:57:001.39713,96.20310.000 kmph154°Indonesia144.19.235.178
2012-08-01 07:57:001.39713,96.20310.000 kmph142°Indonesia144.19.235.178
2012-08-01 08:57:001.39713,96.20310.000 kmph166°Indonesia144.19.235.178
2012-08-01 09:57:001.38578,96.21201.600 kmph142°Indonesia144.19.235.134
2012-08-01 10:58:001.37217,96.21671.600 kmph161°Indonesia144.19.235.96
2012-08-01 11:57:001.37217,96.21670.000 kmph167°Indonesia144.19.235.96
2012-08-01 12:57:001.35804,96.21941.600 kmph169°Indonesia144.19.232.172
2012-08-01 13:54:001.34521,96.22601.600 kmph153°Indonesia144.19.232.157
2012-08-01 14:57:001.37131,96.23823.200 kmph25°Indonesia144.19.234.15
2012-08-01 15:57:001.31519,96.25116.400 kmph167°Indonesia144.19.230.251
2012-08-01 16:58:001.30116,96.25441.600 kmph167°Indonesia144.19.230.201
2012-08-01 17:57:001.25797,96.25514.800 kmph179°Indonesia144.19.229.201
2012-08-01 18:57:001.26323,96.29804.800 kmph83°Indonesia144.19.229.181
2012-08-01 19:57:001.29202,96.29853.200 kmphIndonesia144.19.230.121
2012-08-01 20:57:001.25500,96.32084.800 kmph149°Indonesia144.19.229.150
2012-08-01 21:57:001.24060,96.32081.600 kmph180°Indonesia144.19.229.101
2012-08-01 22:57:001.26933,96.32283.200 kmphIndonesia144.19.229.169
2012-08-01 23:57:001.19890,96.33778.000 kmph168°Indonesia144.19.143.55