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Last position at 2012-07-26 23:57:00

  • 2.72933,95.3213
  • Indonesia
  • Windspeed: 0.000 kmph
  • Direction: 252°
  • IP Address:

All positions on Thursday July 26, 2012

Log Time Position Windspeed Direction Location IP Address
2012-07-26 00:57:002.69644,95.53661.600 kmph193°Indonesia144.10.166.60
2012-07-26 01:56:002.70770,95.51003.200 kmph293°Indonesia144.10.167.137
2012-07-26 02:57:002.72527,95.47054.800 kmph294°Indonesia144.10.168.16
2012-07-26 03:57:002.76807,95.43196.400 kmph318°Indonesia144.10.174.81
2012-07-26 04:57:002.80722,95.41364.800 kmph335°Indonesia144.10.174.184
2012-07-26 05:57:002.84125,95.38704.800 kmph322°Indonesia144.53.81.221
2012-07-26 06:57:002.87005,95.38703.200 kmph360°Indonesia144.53.82.34
2012-07-26 07:56:002.84705,95.36973.200 kmph217°Indonesia144.53.81.247
2012-07-26 08:57:002.83555,95.36101.600 kmph217°Indonesia144.53.81.192
2012-07-26 09:57:002.80711,95.36553.200 kmph171°Indonesia144.10.174.253
2012-07-26 10:57:002.76394,95.36404.800 kmph182°Indonesia144.10.173.252
2012-07-26 11:57:002.76144,95.37821.600 kmph100°Indonesia144.10.173.246
2012-07-26 12:57:002.75535,95.39131.600 kmph115°Indonesia144.10.173.222
2012-07-26 13:57:002.79776,95.38304.800 kmph349°Indonesia144.10.174.223
2012-07-26 14:58:002.76903,95.38103.200 kmph184°Indonesia144.10.174.16
2012-07-26 15:57:002.79779,95.37953.200 kmph357°Indonesia144.10.174.202
2012-07-26 16:57:002.78168,95.35563.200 kmph236°Indonesia144.10.175.102
2012-07-26 17:57:002.77343,95.34381.600 kmph235°Indonesia144.10.175.93
2012-07-26 18:57:002.76193,95.33511.600 kmph217°Indonesia144.10.172.185
2012-07-26 19:57:002.74192,95.31443.200 kmph226°Indonesia144.10.172.41
2012-07-26 20:57:002.74192,95.31440.000 kmph117°Indonesia144.10.172.41
2012-07-26 21:57:002.74192,95.31440.000 kmph263°Indonesia144.10.172.41
2012-07-26 22:57:002.72933,95.32131.600 kmph151°Indonesia144.10.172.77
2012-07-26 23:57:002.72933,95.32130.000 kmph252°Indonesia144.10.172.77