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Last position at 2012-07-16 23:02:00

  • 15.6007,92.5939
  • Bay of Bengal
  • Windspeed: 11.300 kmph
  • Direction: 20°
  • IP Address:

All positions on Monday July 16, 2012

Log Time Position Windspeed Direction Location IP Address
2012-07-16 00:02:0016.2861,92.21484.800 kmph175°Bay of Bengal147.62.77.201
2012-07-16 01:01:0016.2717,92.21511.600 kmph179°Bay of Bengal147.62.77.53
2012-07-16 02:03:0016.2434,92.22083.200 kmph169°Bay of Bengal147.62.66.220
2012-07-16 03:02:0016.2164,92.23113.200 kmph160°Bay of Bengal147.62.66.20
2012-07-16 04:02:0016.2021,92.23341.600 kmph171°Bay of Bengal147.62.65.218
2012-07-16 05:02:0016.2284,92.24563.200 kmph24°Bay of Bengal147.62.66.114
2012-07-16 06:02:0016.2558,92.25493.200 kmph18°Bay of Bengal147.62.66.186
2012-07-16 07:02:0016.2242,92.28564.800 kmph137°Bay of Bengal147.62.71.15
2012-07-16 08:02:0016.1701,92.30616.400 kmph160°Bay of Bengal147.61.187.239
2012-07-16 09:02:0016.0992,92.31918.000 kmph170°Bay of Bengal147.61.184.40
2012-07-16 10:02:0016.0149,92.34269.700 kmph165°Bay of Bengal147.61.180.123
2012-07-16 11:02:0015.9337,92.406311.300 kmph143°Bay of Bengal147.61.137.215
2012-07-16 12:02:0015.9911,92.41046.400 kmphBay of Bengal147.61.138.233
2012-07-16 13:02:0015.9526,92.43084.800 kmph153°Bay of Bengal147.61.138.69
2012-07-16 14:02:0015.8820,92.44518.000 kmph169°Bay of Bengal147.61.134.109
2012-07-16 15:02:0015.8249,92.45346.400 kmph172°Bay of Bengal147.61.133.89
2012-07-16 16:02:0015.7889,92.38878.000 kmph240°Bay of Bengal147.61.122.54
2012-07-16 17:02:0015.7016,92.39029.700 kmph179°Bay of Bengal147.61.118.54
2012-07-16 18:02:0015.6061,92.426311.300 kmph160°Bay of Bengal147.61.74.72
2012-07-16 19:02:0015.4970,92.467512.900 kmph160°Bay of Bengal147.61.80.205
2012-07-16 20:02:0015.4264,92.52089.700 kmph144°Bay of Bengal147.50.175.70
2012-07-16 21:03:0015.6007,92.593920.900 kmph22°Bay of Bengal147.61.94.64
2012-07-16 22:02:0015.5052,92.557811.300 kmph200°Bay of Bengal147.61.81.247
2012-07-16 23:02:0015.6007,92.593911.300 kmph20°Bay of Bengal147.61.94.64