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Last position at 2012-07-14 23:02:00

  • 17.2541,91.5738
  • Bay of Bengal
  • Windspeed: 0.000 kmph
  • Direction: 161°
  • IP Address:

All positions on Saturday July 14, 2012

Log Time Position Windspeed Direction Location IP Address
2012-07-14 00:02:0017.2470,91.61404.800 kmph158°Bay of Bengal147.193.196.43
2012-07-14 01:02:0017.2327,91.61561.600 kmph174°Bay of Bengal147.193.196.24
2012-07-14 02:02:0017.2073,91.62983.200 kmph152°Bay of Bengal147.193.59.130
2012-07-14 03:02:0017.1728,91.65704.800 kmph143°Bay of Bengal147.193.56.164
2012-07-14 05:02:0017.1081,91.69008.000 kmph154°Bay of Bengal147.193.54.35
2012-07-14 06:02:0017.0515,91.70156.400 kmph169°Bay of Bengal147.193.53.20
2012-07-14 07:02:0017.1074,91.71616.400 kmph14°Bay of Bengal147.193.54.115
2012-07-14 08:02:0017.0663,91.73004.800 kmph162°Bay of Bengal147.193.53.121
2012-07-14 09:02:0016.9806,91.74749.700 kmph169°Bay of Bengal147.193.9.104
2012-07-14 10:02:0017.0175,91.66479.700 kmph295°Bay of Bengal147.193.11.101
2012-07-14 11:02:0017.0305,91.60606.400 kmph283°Bay of Bengal147.193.11.211
2012-07-14 12:02:0017.0741,91.52699.700 kmph300°Bay of Bengal147.193.49.215
2012-07-14 13:02:0017.1347,91.46129.700 kmph314°Bay of Bengal147.193.51.187
2012-07-14 14:02:0017.1733,91.50606.400 kmph48°Bay of Bengal147.193.61.247
2012-07-14 15:02:0017.1987,91.52023.200 kmph28°Bay of Bengal147.193.62.45
2012-07-14 16:02:0017.2113,91.56344.800 kmph73°Bay of Bengal147.193.62.157
2012-07-14 17:02:0017.2174,91.54981.600 kmph295°Bay of Bengal147.193.62.183
2012-07-14 18:02:0017.2189,91.51963.200 kmph273°Bay of Bengal147.193.62.226
2012-07-14 19:02:0017.2189,91.51960.000 kmph16°Bay of Bengal147.193.62.226
2012-07-14 20:02:0017.2748,91.53426.400 kmph14°Bay of Bengal147.193.194.25
2012-07-14 21:02:0017.3102,91.56024.800 kmph35°Bay of Bengal147.193.194.172
2012-07-14 22:02:0017.2541,91.57386.400 kmph167°Bay of Bengal147.193.193.153
2012-07-14 23:02:0017.2541,91.57380.000 kmph161°Bay of Bengal147.193.193.153