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Last position at 2012-07-08 23:02:00

  • 20.3420,89.9666
  • Unknown
  • Windspeed: 3.200 kmph
  • Direction: 65°
  • IP Address:

All positions on Sunday July 8, 2012

Log Time Position Windspeed Direction Location IP Address
2012-07-08 00:02:0020.9139,89.96251.600 kmph15°Bay of Bengal134.166.154.190
2012-07-08 01:02:0020.9209,89.97601.600 kmph61°Bay of Bengal134.166.165.83
2012-07-08 02:02:0020.9120,89.94673.200 kmph252°Bay of Bengal134.166.154.232
2012-07-08 03:02:0020.8870,89.93133.200 kmph210°Bay of Bengal134.166.154.54
2012-07-08 04:01:0020.8470,89.94864.800 kmph158°Bay of Bengal134.166.153.41
2012-07-08 05:02:0020.8294,89.90634.800 kmph246°Bay of Bengal134.166.152.85
2012-07-08 06:02:0020.7764,89.88236.400 kmph203°Bay of Bengal134.166.148.181
2012-07-08 07:02:0020.7476,89.82896.400 kmph240°Bay of Bengal134.166.148.13
2012-07-08 08:02:0020.7286,89.87054.800 kmph116°Bay of Bengal134.166.107.143
2012-07-08 09:02:0020.6530,89.82389.700 kmph210°Bay of Bengal134.166.104.0
2012-07-08 10:02:0020.6103,89.83024.800 kmph172°Bay of Bengal134.166.103.1
2012-07-08 11:02:0020.5874,89.86944.800 kmph122°Bay of Bengal134.166.100.128
2012-07-08 12:01:0020.5197,89.89578.000 kmph160°Bay of Bengal134.166.88.174
2012-07-08 13:02:0020.4791,89.91144.800 kmph160°Bay of Bengal134.166.89.0
2012-07-08 14:02:0020.4433,89.93724.800 kmph146°Bay of Bengal134.166.86.30
2012-07-08 15:02:0020.3600,89.875011.300 kmph215°Bay of Bengal134.165.171.114
2012-07-08 16:01:0020.3346,89.91234.800 kmph126°Bay of Bengal134.165.169.240
2012-07-08 17:02:0020.3081,89.90033.200 kmph203°Bay of Bengal134.165.168.88
2012-07-08 18:00:0020.3081,89.90030.000 kmph148°Bay of Bengal134.165.168.88
2012-07-08 19:02:0020.3081,89.90030.000 kmph81°Bay of Bengal134.165.168.88
2012-07-08 20:02:0020.3266,89.92383.200 kmph50°Bay of Bengal134.165.169.199
2012-07-08 21:02:0020.3266,89.92380.000 kmph63°Bay of Bengal134.165.169.199
2012-07-08 22:02:0020.3298,89.93871.600 kmph77°Bay of Bengal134.165.169.221
2012-07-08 23:02:0020.3420,89.96663.200 kmph65°Unknown134.165.169.184