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Last position at 2012-06-23 23:02:00

  • 19.2726,78.4264
  • National Highway 7, Waddur, Andhra Pradesh, India
  • Windspeed: 4.800 kmph
  • Direction: 43°
  • IP Address:

All positions on Saturday June 23, 2012

Log Time Position Windspeed Direction Location IP Address
2012-06-23 00:02:0019.1313,76.845911.300 kmph57°State Highway 148, Maharashtra, India134.219.75.45
2012-06-23 01:02:0019.1475,76.967512.900 kmph82°State Highway 148, Maharashtra, India134.219.74.159
2012-06-23 02:02:0019.1643,77.02596.400 kmph73°State Highway 148, Purna, Maharashtra, India134.219.96.24
2012-06-23 03:02:0019.1811,77.08426.400 kmph73°State Highway 148, Maharashtra, India134.219.97.193
2012-06-23 04:02:0019.1849,77.12974.800 kmph85°State Highway 148, Changephal, Maharashtra, India134.219.97.130
2012-06-23 05:02:0019.1975,77.17354.800 kmph73°State Highway 148, Maharashtra, India134.219.100.253
2012-06-23 06:02:0019.2095,77.23316.400 kmph78°State Highway 148, Maharashtra, India134.219.103.92
2012-06-23 07:02:0019.2253,77.339511.300 kmph81°State Highway 148, Maharashtra, India134.219.102.149
2012-06-23 08:02:0019.2690,77.41969.700 kmph60°State Highway 148, Maharashtra, India134.218.60.148
2012-06-23 09:02:0019.2988,77.50659.700 kmph70°Major State Highway 3, Maharashtra, India134.218.62.91
2012-06-23 10:02:0019.2640,77.607711.300 kmph110°State Highway 148, Maharashtra, India134.218.57.60
2012-06-23 11:02:0019.2569,77.715211.300 kmph94°Major State Highway 3, Maharashtra, India134.218.44.31
2012-06-23 12:02:0019.2594,77.79148.000 kmph88°Major State Highway 3, Maharashtra, India134.218.45.52
2012-06-23 13:02:0019.2892,77.87839.700 kmph70°State Highway 148, Maharashtra, India134.218.40.254
2012-06-23 14:02:0019.2791,78.000812.900 kmph95°Nanded, Maharashtra, India134.218.41.143
2012-06-23 15:02:0019.3362,78.125114.500 kmph64°Nanded, Maharashtra, India134.218.128.84
2012-06-23 16:02:0019.2896,78.16106.400 kmph144°Nanded, Maharashtra, India134.218.125.238
2012-06-23 17:02:0019.2329,78.15046.400 kmph190°NH 222, chakpally, Andhra Pradesh, India134.218.114.202
2012-06-23 18:02:0019.1894,78.19046.400 kmph139°NH 222, Andhra Pradesh, India134.218.113.139
2012-06-23 19:02:0019.2164,78.26118.000 kmph68°Nirmal Rd, Andhra Pradesh, India134.218.119.37
2012-06-23 20:02:0019.2322,78.31976.400 kmph74°Nirmal Rd, Andhra Pradesh, India134.218.118.200
2012-06-23 21:02:0019.2405,78.36464.800 kmph79°Nirmal Rd, Andhra Pradesh, India134.218.118.183
2012-06-23 22:02:0019.2410,78.39513.200 kmph89°Nirmal Rd, Andhra Pradesh, India134.218.118.166
2012-06-23 23:02:0019.2726,78.42644.800 kmph43°National Highway 7, Waddur, Andhra Pradesh, India134.218.108.210