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Last position at 2012-06-19 14:07:00

  • 17.9759,75.1938
  • Tembhurni-Akluj Rd, Maharashtra, India
  • Windspeed: 4.800 kmph
  • Direction: 77°
  • IP Address:

All positions on Tuesday June 19, 2012

Log Time Position Windspeed Direction Location IP Address
2012-06-19 00:02:0017.6905,73.81001.600 kmph90°Bhambavali Rd, Maharashtra, India134.211.25.146
2012-06-19 01:02:0017.6965,73.83963.200 kmph78°Kaas Rd, Maharashtra, India134.211.76.203
2012-06-19 02:02:0017.6963,73.85471.600 kmph91°Unnamed Rd, Maharashtra, India134.211.76.222
2012-06-19 03:02:0017.6963,73.85470.000 kmph115°Unnamed Rd, Maharashtra, India134.211.76.222
2012-06-19 04:02:0017.6841,73.88213.200 kmph115°Unnamed Rd, Maharashtra, India134.211.76.123
2012-06-19 05:02:0017.6953,73.90993.200 kmph67°Unnamed Rd, Maharashtra, India134.211.76.154
2012-06-19 06:02:0017.7058,73.95394.800 kmph76°Kaas Rd, Maharashtra, India134.211.77.233
2012-06-19 07:02:0017.7220,74.02768.000 kmph77°NH 4, Maharashtra, India134.211.75.32
2012-06-19 08:02:0017.7436,74.06694.800 kmph60°SH 61, Vaduth, Maharashtra, India134.211.75.181
2012-06-19 09:02:0017.7420,74.11224.800 kmph92°Wathar-Koregaon Rd, Maharashtra, India134.211.74.224
2012-06-19 10:02:0017.7554,74.15534.800 kmph72°Satara Road Koregaon Road (Via Khed), Khed, Maharashtra, India134.211.117.83
2012-06-19 11:02:0017.7673,74.19894.800 kmph74°Satara Road Koregaon Road (Via Khed), Khed, Maharashtra, India134.211.96.35
2012-06-19 12:02:0017.7511,74.24104.800 kmph112°Chimangaon Rd, Chimangaon, Maharashtra, India134.211.95.186
2012-06-19 13:02:0017.7673,74.28304.800 kmph68°Pusegaon Phaltan Rd, Maharashtra, India134.211.97.54
2012-06-19 14:02:0017.7817,74.30923.200 kmph60°Pusegaon Phaltan Rd, Maharashtra, India134.211.97.140
2012-06-19 14:07:0017.7914,74.35344.800 kmph77°Pusegaon Phaltan Rd, Tathawada Gaon, Maharashtra, India134.211.100.252
2012-06-19 14:07:0017.8011,74.39764.800 kmph77°Pusegaon Phaltan Rd, Tathawada Gaon, Maharashtra, India134.211.103.67
2012-06-19 14:07:0017.8108,74.44194.800 kmph77°Pusegaon Phaltan Rd, Maharashtra, India134.211.102.51
2012-06-19 14:07:0017.8205,74.48614.800 kmph77°Pusegaon Phaltan Rd, Maharashtra, India134.211.102.128
2012-06-19 14:07:0017.8302,74.53034.800 kmph77°Dahiwadi Faltan Rd, Maharashtra, India134.210.51.240
2012-06-19 14:07:0017.8400,74.57454.800 kmph77°Dahiwadi Faltan Rd, Maharashtra, India134.210.51.191
2012-06-19 14:07:0017.8497,74.61874.800 kmph77°Natepute - Dahiwadi Rd, Maharashtra, India134.210.61.15
2012-06-19 14:07:0017.8594,74.66294.800 kmph77°Natepute - Dahivadi Rd, Shikhar Shinganapur, Maharashtra, India134.210.61.124
2012-06-19 14:07:0017.8691,74.70724.800 kmph77°Natepute - Dahivadi Rd, Maharashtra, India134.210.56.204
2012-06-19 14:07:0017.8788,74.75144.800 kmph77°State Highway 70, Natepute, Maharashtra, India134.210.56.179
2012-06-19 14:07:0017.8885,74.79564.800 kmph77°State Highway 70, Mandve, Maharashtra, India134.210.58.3
2012-06-19 14:07:0017.8982,74.83984.800 kmph77°State Highway 70, Maharashtra, India134.210.58.115
2012-06-19 14:07:0017.9079,74.88414.800 kmph77°Mahad Pandharpur Rd, Maharashtra, India134.210.47.192
2012-06-19 14:07:0017.9176,74.92834.800 kmph77°State Highway 77, Malshiras, Maharashtra, India134.210.47.176
2012-06-19 14:07:0017.9274,74.97254.800 kmph77°State Highway 71, Maharashtra, India134.210.46.255
2012-06-19 14:07:0017.9371,75.01684.800 kmph77°State Highway 71, Maharashtra, India134.210.209.79
2012-06-19 14:07:0017.9468,75.06104.800 kmph77°Walchand Nagar to Bawda Rd, Maharashtra, India134.210.212.60
2012-06-19 14:07:0017.9565,75.10534.800 kmph77°Nira Narsinhpur Rd, Maharashtra, India134.210.212.141
2012-06-19 14:07:0017.9662,75.14954.800 kmph77°Tembhurni-Akluj Rd, Maharashtra, India134.210.213.242
2012-06-19 14:07:0017.9759,75.19384.800 kmph77°Tembhurni-Akluj Rd, Maharashtra, India134.210.214.66