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Last position at 2012-06-13 23:02:00

  • 16.6672,70.3215
  • Arabian Sea
  • Windspeed: 0.000 kmph
  • Direction: 301°
  • IP Address:

All positions on Wednesday June 13, 2012

Log Time Position Windspeed Direction Location IP Address
2012-06-13 00:02:0016.7622,70.46121.600 kmph143°Arabian Sea134.59.242.122
2012-06-13 01:02:0016.7499,70.46891.600 kmph149°Arabian Sea134.59.242.92
2012-06-13 02:02:0016.7255,70.45303.200 kmph212°Arabian Sea134.59.241.136
2012-06-13 03:02:0016.7144,70.46261.600 kmph140°Arabian Sea134.59.241.121
2012-06-13 04:02:0016.7144,70.46260.000 kmph117°Arabian Sea134.59.241.121
2012-06-13 05:02:0016.7144,70.46260.000 kmph113°Arabian Sea134.59.241.121
2012-06-13 06:03:0016.6857,70.46423.200 kmph177°Arabian Sea134.59.206.159
2012-06-13 07:02:0016.6733,70.45651.600 kmph211°Arabian Sea134.59.206.123
2012-06-13 08:02:0016.6718,70.42643.200 kmph267°Arabian Sea134.59.206.45
2012-06-13 09:02:0016.6600,70.41781.600 kmph215°Arabian Sea134.59.206.9
2012-06-13 10:02:0016.6585,70.40291.600 kmph264°Arabian Sea134.59.206.3
2012-06-13 11:02:0016.6821,70.36514.800 kmph303°Arabian Sea134.59.207.136
2012-06-13 12:02:0016.6800,70.33513.200 kmph266°Arabian Sea134.59.207.211
2012-06-13 13:03:0016.6861,70.32141.600 kmph295°Arabian Sea134.59.207.203
2012-06-13 14:02:0016.6861,70.32140.000 kmph290°Arabian Sea134.59.207.203
2012-06-13 15:02:0016.6861,70.32140.000 kmph61°Arabian Sea134.59.207.203
2012-06-13 16:02:0016.6836,70.30661.600 kmph260°Arabian Sea134.62.154.153
2012-06-13 17:02:0016.6834,70.32171.600 kmph91°Arabian Sea134.59.207.200
2012-06-13 18:02:0016.6561,70.31193.200 kmph199°Arabian Sea134.59.207.0
2012-06-13 19:02:0016.6672,70.32151.600 kmph40°Arabian Sea134.59.207.52
2012-06-13 20:02:0016.6672,70.32150.000 kmph104°Arabian Sea134.59.207.52
2012-06-13 21:02:0016.6672,70.32150.000 kmph106°Arabian Sea134.59.207.52
2012-06-13 22:02:0016.6672,70.32150.000 kmph290°Arabian Sea134.59.207.52
2012-06-13 23:02:0016.6672,70.32150.000 kmph301°Arabian Sea134.59.207.52