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Last position at 2012-05-31 23:02:00

  • 19.4261,67.0990
  • Arabian Sea
  • Windspeed: 6.400 kmph
  • Direction: 96°
  • IP Address:

All positions on Thursday May 31, 2012

Log Time Position Windspeed Direction Location IP Address
2012-05-31 00:02:0019.2354,65.03318.000 kmph104°Arabian Sea135.155.54.154
2012-05-31 01:02:0019.2491,65.10808.000 kmph79°Arabian Sea135.155.44.81
2012-05-31 02:02:0019.2109,65.17268.000 kmph122°Arabian Sea135.155.34.79
2012-05-31 03:02:0019.2320,65.24568.000 kmph73°Arabian Sea135.155.39.216
2012-05-31 04:02:0019.2518,65.31898.000 kmph74°Arabian Sea135.155.41.6
2012-05-31 05:02:0019.2758,65.40789.700 kmph74°Arabian Sea135.155.124.201
2012-05-31 06:02:0019.3171,65.47038.000 kmph55°Arabian Sea135.155.127.150
2012-05-31 07:02:0019.2989,65.56079.700 kmph102°Arabian Sea135.155.126.90
2012-05-31 08:02:0019.3167,65.61886.400 kmph72°Arabian Sea135.155.123.135
2012-05-31 09:02:0019.3466,65.70579.700 kmph70°Arabian Sea135.155.133.113
2012-05-31 10:02:0019.3632,65.79659.700 kmph79°Arabian Sea135.155.144.136
2012-05-31 11:02:0019.4157,65.87049.700 kmph53°Arabian Sea135.155.146.230
2012-05-31 12:02:0019.4554,65.986112.900 kmph70°Arabian Sea135.155.152.160
2012-05-31 13:02:0019.5226,66.139317.700 kmph65°Arabian Sea135.154.240.112
2012-05-31 14:02:0019.5165,66.323519.300 kmph92°Arabian Sea135.154.244.72
2012-05-31 15:02:0019.4761,66.455114.500 kmph108°Arabian Sea135.154.223.11
2012-05-31 16:02:0019.5250,66.583514.500 kmph68°Arabian Sea135.154.225.114
2012-05-31 17:02:0019.4880,66.66749.700 kmph115°Arabian Sea135.154.219.127
2012-05-31 18:02:0019.4600,66.771111.300 kmph106°Arabian Sea135.154.217.182
2012-05-31 19:02:0019.3993,66.83769.700 kmph134°Arabian Sea135.154.131.42
2012-05-31 20:02:0019.4008,66.93029.700 kmph89°Arabian Sea135.154.130.128
2012-05-31 21:02:0019.3918,66.97504.800 kmph102°Arabian Sea135.154.135.48
2012-05-31 22:02:0019.4321,67.03838.000 kmph56°Arabian Sea135.154.136.95
2012-05-31 23:02:0019.4261,67.09906.400 kmph96°Arabian Sea135.154.137.22