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Last position at 2012-05-25 23:01:00

  • 19.0508,64.5813
  • Arabian Sea
  • Windspeed: 4.800 kmph
  • Direction: 36°
  • IP Address:

All positions on Friday May 25, 2012

Log Time Position Windspeed Direction Location IP Address
2012-05-25 00:02:0019.1662,65.68853.200 kmph217°Arabian Sea135.155.117.24
2012-05-25 01:02:0019.1414,65.65114.800 kmph235°Arabian Sea135.155.75.150
2012-05-25 02:01:0019.1006,65.60806.400 kmph225°Arabian Sea135.155.72.140
2012-05-25 03:02:0019.1097,65.51619.700 kmph276°Arabian Sea135.155.77.233
2012-05-25 04:02:0019.0793,65.44708.000 kmph245°Arabian Sea135.155.76.75
2012-05-25 05:02:0019.0285,65.41846.400 kmph208°Arabian Sea135.155.67.17
2012-05-25 06:01:0019.0122,65.34428.000 kmph257°Arabian Sea135.155.21.140
2012-05-25 07:02:0018.9841,65.35063.200 kmph168°Arabian Sea135.155.21.65
2012-05-25 08:02:0018.9319,65.32486.400 kmph205°Arabian Sea135.152.233.227
2012-05-25 09:02:0018.9394,65.24918.000 kmph276°Arabian Sea135.152.235.20
2012-05-25 10:02:0018.9138,65.16099.700 kmph253°Arabian Sea135.152.237.40
2012-05-25 11:02:0018.9275,65.06989.700 kmph279°Arabian Sea135.152.236.219
2012-05-25 12:02:0018.9453,65.01186.400 kmph288°Arabian Sea135.152.250.73
2012-05-25 13:02:0018.9865,64.94958.000 kmph305°Arabian Sea135.155.5.3
2012-05-25 14:02:0018.9716,64.89066.400 kmph255°Arabian Sea135.152.251.222
2012-05-25 15:02:0018.9412,64.82178.000 kmph245°Arabian Sea135.152.254.64
2012-05-25 16:02:0018.9064,64.720711.300 kmph250°Arabian Sea135.152.252.36
2012-05-25 17:02:0018.9201,64.64598.000 kmph281°Arabian Sea135.157.169.131
2012-05-25 18:02:0018.9201,64.72218.000 kmph90°Arabian Sea135.152.252.215
2012-05-25 19:02:0018.9609,64.70724.800 kmph341°Arabian Sea135.152.255.47
2012-05-25 20:03:0018.9969,64.64128.000 kmph300°Arabian Sea135.158.85.115
2012-05-25 21:02:0018.9681,64.58856.400 kmph240°Arabian Sea135.157.171.152
2012-05-25 22:02:0019.0159,64.55446.400 kmph326°Arabian Sea135.158.84.143
2012-05-25 23:01:0019.0508,64.58134.800 kmph36°Arabian Sea135.158.87.145