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Last position at 2012-05-21 23:02:00

  • 20.7280,66.1551
  • Arabian Sea
  • Windspeed: 4.800 kmph
  • Direction: 108°
  • IP Address:

All positions on Monday May 21, 2012

Log Time Position Windspeed Direction Location IP Address
2012-05-21 00:02:0021.7823,66.08849.700 kmph172°Arabian Sea135.168.170.154
2012-05-21 01:02:0021.7627,65.99689.700 kmph257°Arabian Sea135.168.171.100
2012-05-21 02:02:0021.6920,65.918111.300 kmph226°Arabian Sea135.168.167.204
2012-05-21 03:02:0021.6200,65.91678.000 kmph181°Arabian Sea135.168.164.0
2012-05-21 04:02:0021.5444,65.86989.700 kmph210°Arabian Sea135.168.157.37
2012-05-21 05:02:0021.5347,65.82454.800 kmph257°Arabian Sea135.168.156.86
2012-05-21 06:02:0021.4496,65.84569.700 kmph167°Arabian Sea135.168.145.9
2012-05-21 07:02:0021.4217,65.89986.400 kmph119°Arabian Sea135.168.110.110
2012-05-21 08:02:0021.4167,65.97698.000 kmph94°Arabian Sea135.168.107.121
2012-05-21 09:02:0021.3382,65.93589.700 kmph206°Arabian Sea135.168.103.198
2012-05-21 10:02:0021.3076,65.90304.800 kmph225°Arabian Sea135.168.97.173
2012-05-21 11:02:0021.2264,65.837411.300 kmph217°Arabian Sea135.168.94.1
2012-05-21 12:02:0021.1566,65.81878.000 kmph194°Arabian Sea135.168.83.107
2012-05-21 13:02:0021.0676,65.765911.300 kmph209°Arabian Sea135.167.175.47
2012-05-21 14:02:0020.9709,65.799511.300 kmph162°Arabian Sea135.167.163.75
2012-05-21 15:02:0020.9510,65.87368.000 kmph106°Arabian Sea135.167.161.176
2012-05-21 16:02:0020.9435,65.95038.000 kmph96°Arabian Sea135.167.164.215
2012-05-21 17:02:0020.8818,65.88429.700 kmph225°Arabian Sea135.167.158.75
2012-05-21 18:01:0020.8026,65.92379.700 kmph155°Arabian Sea135.167.151.61
2012-05-21 19:02:0020.8330,65.99358.000 kmph65°Arabian Sea135.167.152.87
2012-05-21 20:02:0020.7928,66.05738.000 kmph124°Arabian Sea135.167.150.77
2012-05-21 21:02:0020.7607,66.08834.800 kmph138°Arabian Sea135.167.149.106
2012-05-21 22:02:0020.7414,66.11113.200 kmph132°Arabian Sea135.166.192.5
2012-05-21 23:02:0020.7280,66.15514.800 kmph108°Arabian Sea135.166.63.138