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Last position at 2012-05-17 23:02:00

  • 23.7960,68.2373
  • Indus Delta
  • Windspeed: 3.200 kmph
  • Direction: 260°
  • IP Address:

All positions on Thursday May 17, 2012

Log Time Position Windspeed Direction Location IP Address
2012-05-17 00:02:0023.6565,68.33791.600 kmph55°National Highway 41, Gujarat, India137.3.141.114
2012-05-17 01:02:0023.6565,68.33790.000 kmph70°National Highway 41, Gujarat, India137.3.141.114
2012-05-17 02:02:0023.6474,68.35011.600 kmph129°National Highway 41, Gujarat, India137.3.141.73
2012-05-17 03:02:0023.6474,68.35010.000 kmph79°National Highway 41, Gujarat, India137.3.141.73
2012-05-17 04:02:0023.6474,68.35010.000 kmph84°National Highway 41, Gujarat, India137.3.141.73
2012-05-17 05:02:0023.6474,68.35010.000 kmph43°National Highway 41, Gujarat, India137.3.141.73
2012-05-17 06:02:0023.6474,68.35010.000 kmph348°National Highway 41, Gujarat, India137.3.141.73
2012-05-17 07:02:0023.6474,68.35010.000 kmph105°National Highway 41, Gujarat, India137.3.141.73
2012-05-17 08:02:0023.6489,68.36581.600 kmph84°National Highway 41, Gujarat, India137.3.141.88
2012-05-17 09:02:0023.6504,68.38141.600 kmph84°National Highway 41, Gujarat, India137.3.136.15
2012-05-17 10:02:0023.6504,68.38140.000 kmph82°National Highway 41, Gujarat, India137.3.136.15
2012-05-17 11:02:0023.6502,68.39711.600 kmph91°National Highway 41, Gujarat, India137.3.136.10
2012-05-17 12:02:0023.6740,68.41473.200 kmph34°National Highway 41, Gujarat, India137.3.136.218
2012-05-17 13:02:0023.6884,68.41361.600 kmph356°National Highway 41, Gujarat, India137.3.139.23
2012-05-17 14:02:0023.6973,68.40121.600 kmph308°National Highway 41, Gujarat, India137.3.139.32
2012-05-17 15:02:0023.6993,68.41681.600 kmph82°National Highway 41, Gujarat, India137.3.139.38
2012-05-17 16:02:0023.7079,68.40421.600 kmph307°National Highway 41, Gujarat, India137.3.139.209
2012-05-17 17:02:0023.7336,68.38993.200 kmph333°Kutch, Gujarat, India137.3.180.7
2012-05-17 18:02:0023.7344,68.37421.600 kmph273°Kutch, Gujarat, India137.3.177.86
2012-05-17 19:02:0023.7474,68.36761.600 kmph335°Kutch, Gujarat, India137.3.177.104
2012-05-17 20:02:0023.7529,68.33673.200 kmph281°Kutch, Gujarat, India137.3.177.128
2012-05-17 21:02:0023.7995,68.29976.400 kmph324°Kutch, Gujarat, India137.3.178.199
2012-05-17 22:02:0023.8010,68.26833.200 kmph273°Indus Delta137.3.179.156
2012-05-17 23:02:0023.7960,68.23733.200 kmph260°Indus Delta137.3.179.212