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Last position at 2012-05-15 23:02:00

  • 23.8888,67.1634
  • Arabian Sea
  • Windspeed: 9.700 kmph
  • Direction: 115°
  • IP Address:

All positions on Tuesday May 15, 2012

Log Time Position Windspeed Direction Location IP Address
2012-05-15 00:02:0024.0352,66.20348.000 kmph59°Arabian Sea136.89.13.239
2012-05-15 01:00:0024.0634,66.27608.000 kmph67°Arabian Sea136.89.11.194
2012-05-15 02:01:0024.0512,66.37069.700 kmph98°Arabian Sea136.89.10.55
2012-05-15 03:02:0024.0800,66.42536.400 kmph60°Arabian Sea136.89.10.175
2012-05-15 04:02:0024.1196,66.51059.700 kmph63°Arabian Sea136.89.32.172
2012-05-15 05:02:0024.1442,66.58468.000 kmph70°Arabian Sea136.89.34.126
2012-05-15 06:02:0024.1542,66.711412.900 kmph85°Arabian Sea136.89.38.204
2012-05-15 07:02:0024.0575,66.745811.300 kmph162°Arabian Sea136.89.26.42
2012-05-15 07:42:0024.0271,66.81728.000 kmph115°Arabian Sea136.89.76.224
2012-05-15 07:42:0023.9966,66.88868.000 kmph115°Arabian Sea136.89.77.2
2012-05-15 15:02:0024.0929,66.959812.900 kmph34°Arabian Sea136.89.113.100
2012-05-15 16:02:0024.0526,66.89448.000 kmph236°Arabian Sea136.89.78.55
2012-05-15 17:02:0024.0025,66.81619.700 kmph235°Arabian Sea136.89.76.31
2012-05-15 18:02:0024.0122,66.86224.800 kmph77°Arabian Sea136.89.76.111
2012-05-15 19:02:0023.9888,66.91986.400 kmph114°Arabian Sea136.89.66.232
2012-05-15 20:02:0023.9628,66.95754.800 kmph127°Arabian Sea136.89.66.98
2012-05-15 21:02:0023.9405,67.03258.000 kmph108°Arabian Sea136.89.68.181
2012-05-15 22:02:0023.9257,67.07694.800 kmph110°Arabian Sea136.89.69.58
2012-05-15 23:02:0023.8888,67.16349.700 kmph115°Arabian Sea136.86.175.201