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Last position at 2012-05-09 23:01:00

  • 24.6852,59.7457
  • Gulf of Oman
  • Windspeed: 1.600 kmph
  • Direction: 338°
  • IP Address:

All positions on Wednesday May 9, 2012

Log Time Position Windspeed Direction Location IP Address
2012-05-09 00:02:0024.6433,59.56531.600 kmph65°Gulf of Oman136.75.17.160
2012-05-09 01:02:0024.6433,59.56530.000 kmph20°Gulf of Oman136.75.17.160
2012-05-09 02:02:0024.6531,59.57691.600 kmph47°Gulf of Oman136.75.18.84
2012-05-09 03:02:0024.6531,59.57690.000 kmph131°Gulf of Oman136.75.18.84
2012-05-09 04:02:0024.6531,59.57690.000 kmph103°Gulf of Oman136.75.18.84
2012-05-09 05:02:0024.6531,59.57690.000 kmph284°Gulf of Oman136.75.18.84
2012-05-09 06:02:0024.6531,59.57690.000 kmph61°Gulf of Oman136.75.18.84
2012-05-09 07:02:0024.6531,59.57690.000 kmph115°Gulf of Oman136.75.18.84
2012-05-09 08:02:0024.6531,59.57690.000 kmph84°Gulf of Oman136.75.18.84
2012-05-09 09:01:0024.6531,59.57690.000 kmph75°Gulf of Oman136.75.18.84
2012-05-09 10:02:0024.6499,59.59241.600 kmph103°Gulf of Oman136.75.20.255
2012-05-09 11:02:0024.6581,59.54574.800 kmph281°Gulf of Oman136.75.18.76
2012-05-09 12:03:0024.6371,59.56733.200 kmph137°Gulf of Oman136.75.17.156
2012-05-09 13:02:0024.6523,59.54043.200 kmph302°Gulf of Oman136.75.18.21
2012-05-09 14:02:0024.6284,59.55813.200 kmph146°Gulf of Oman136.75.17.123
2012-05-09 15:02:0024.6123,59.58443.200 kmph124°Gulf of Oman136.75.17.86
2012-05-09 16:02:0024.6526,59.65018.000 kmph56°Gulf of Oman136.75.23.69
2012-05-09 17:02:0024.6769,59.70756.400 kmph65°Gulf of Oman136.75.22.210
2012-05-09 18:02:0024.6403,59.73274.800 kmph148°Gulf of Oman136.75.21.139
2012-05-09 19:02:0024.6388,59.70113.200 kmph267°Gulf of Oman136.75.21.223
2012-05-09 20:02:0024.6448,59.71541.600 kmph65°Gulf of Oman136.75.21.230
2012-05-09 21:02:0024.6656,59.73743.200 kmph44°Gulf of Oman136.75.22.117
2012-05-09 22:02:0024.6719,59.75171.600 kmph64°Gulf of Oman136.75.22.110
2012-05-09 23:01:0024.6852,59.74571.600 kmph338°Gulf of Oman136.75.22.160