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Last position at 2012-04-03 23:02:00

  • 42.5871,58.0623
  • Kungrad District, Uzbekistan
  • Windspeed: 4.800 kmph
  • Direction: 97°
  • IP Address:

All positions on Tuesday April 3, 2012

Log Time Position Windspeed Direction Location IP Address
2012-04-03 00:02:0042.4631,57.33763.200 kmph204°Kungrad District, Uzbekistan139.176.108.36
2012-04-03 01:02:0042.4726,57.32281.600 kmph311°Kungrad District, Uzbekistan139.176.108.197
2012-04-03 02:02:0042.4583,57.32551.600 kmph172°Kungrad District, Uzbekistan139.176.108.31
2012-04-03 03:02:0042.4658,57.36333.200 kmph75°Kungrad District, Uzbekistan139.176.108.118
2012-04-03 04:03:0042.4603,57.40163.200 kmph101°Kungrad District, Uzbekistan139.176.109.11
2012-04-03 05:03:0042.4600,57.42111.600 kmph91°Kungrad District, Uzbekistan139.176.109.30
2012-04-03 06:02:0042.4708,57.45733.200 kmph68°Kungrad District, Uzbekistan139.176.109.111
2012-04-03 06:57:0042.4738,57.51574.800 kmph86°Kungrad District, Uzbekistan139.176.104.212
2012-04-03 08:02:0042.4738,57.51570.000 kmph83°Kungrad District, Uzbekistan139.176.104.212
2012-04-03 09:02:0042.4703,57.55453.200 kmph97°Kungrad District, Uzbekistan139.176.104.110
2012-04-03 10:00:0042.4748,57.61274.800 kmph84°Kungrad District, Uzbekistan139.176.105.131
2012-04-03 11:02:0042.4846,57.64943.200 kmph70°Kungrad District, Uzbekistan139.176.105.165
2012-04-03 12:02:0042.5035,57.70214.800 kmph64°Kungrad District, Uzbekistan139.177.63.79
2012-04-03 13:02:0042.5604,57.71436.400 kmphKungrad District, Uzbekistan139.177.192.133
2012-04-03 14:03:0042.5515,57.75153.200 kmph108°Kungrad District, Uzbekistan139.177.193.50
2012-04-03 15:02:0042.5594,57.78913.200 kmph74°Kungrad District, Uzbekistan139.177.193.127
2012-04-03 16:02:0042.5810,57.83994.800 kmph60°Kungrad District, Uzbekistan139.177.196.254
2012-04-03 17:02:0042.6003,57.86893.200 kmph48°Kungrad District, Uzbekistan139.177.199.41
2012-04-03 18:02:0042.5676,57.95608.000 kmph117°Kungrad District, Uzbekistan139.177.197.217
2012-04-03 19:02:0042.5676,57.95600.000 kmph83°Kungrad District, Uzbekistan139.177.197.217
2012-04-03 20:02:0042.5676,57.95600.000 kmph85°Kungrad District, Uzbekistan139.177.197.217
2012-04-03 21:02:0042.5676,57.95600.000 kmph26°Kungrad District, Uzbekistan139.177.197.217
2012-04-03 22:02:0042.5923,58.00414.800 kmph55°Kungrad District, Uzbekistan139.177.198.90
2012-04-03 23:02:0042.5871,58.06234.800 kmph97°Kungrad District, Uzbekistan139.177.211.71