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Last position at 2012-04-02 23:02:00

  • 42.4894,57.3534
  • Kungrad District, Uzbekistan
  • Windspeed: 3.200 kmph
  • Direction: 226°
  • IP Address:

All positions on Monday April 2, 2012

Log Time Position Windspeed Direction Location IP Address
2012-04-02 00:02:0042.6371,57.00371.600 kmph72°Kungrad District, Uzbekistan139.176.140.113
2012-04-02 01:02:0042.6371,57.00370.000 kmph85°Kungrad District, Uzbekistan139.176.140.113
2012-04-02 02:02:0042.6465,57.04073.200 kmph71°Kungrad District, Uzbekistan139.176.141.63
2012-04-02 03:03:0042.6512,57.05921.600 kmph71°Kungrad District, Uzbekistan139.176.141.198
2012-04-02 03:58:0042.6509,57.07881.600 kmph91°Kungrad District, Uzbekistan139.176.141.214
2012-04-02 05:02:0042.6509,57.07880.000 kmph63°Kungrad District, Uzbekistan139.176.141.214
2012-04-02 06:02:0042.6423,57.06321.600 kmph233°Kungrad District, Uzbekistan139.176.141.44
2012-04-02 07:02:0042.6423,57.06320.000 kmph68°Kungrad District, Uzbekistan139.176.141.44
2012-04-02 08:02:0042.6423,57.06320.000 kmph63°Kungrad District, Uzbekistan139.176.141.44
2012-04-02 09:01:0042.6423,57.06320.000 kmph94°Kungrad District, Uzbekistan139.176.141.44
2012-04-02 10:03:0042.6423,57.06320.000 kmph115°Kungrad District, Uzbekistan139.176.141.44
2012-04-02 11:02:0042.6592,57.09493.200 kmph54°Kungrad District, Uzbekistan139.176.141.180
2012-04-02 12:01:0042.6642,57.13343.200 kmph80°Kungrad District, Uzbekistan139.176.136.253
2012-04-02 13:02:0042.6803,57.18794.800 kmph68°Kungrad District, Uzbekistan139.176.139.74
2012-04-02 14:02:0042.6871,57.24604.800 kmph81°Kungrad District, Uzbekistan139.176.138.45
2012-04-02 15:02:0042.6938,57.30404.800 kmph81°Kungrad District, Uzbekistan139.176.159.192
2012-04-02 16:03:0042.7243,57.37056.400 kmph58°Kungrad District, Uzbekistan139.176.160.95
2012-04-02 17:02:0042.6865,57.42966.400 kmph131°Kungrad District, Uzbekistan139.176.158.41
2012-04-02 18:02:0042.6757,57.46593.200 kmph112°Kungrad District, Uzbekistan139.176.158.93
2012-04-02 19:02:0042.6332,57.47614.800 kmph170°Kungrad District, Uzbekistan139.176.157.89
2012-04-02 20:02:0042.5919,57.45904.800 kmph197°Kungrad District, Uzbekistan139.176.146.95
2012-04-02 21:02:0042.5302,57.40878.000 kmph211°Kungrad District, Uzbekistan139.176.110.246
2012-04-02 22:02:0042.5094,57.38153.200 kmph224°Kungrad District, Uzbekistan139.176.111.103
2012-04-02 23:02:0042.4894,57.35343.200 kmph226°Kungrad District, Uzbekistan139.176.108.189