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53.116667; Garstedt | B枚tersen 路 Steesow is a municipality in Deutschland, Location Mayor Roland Froehlich (SPD) Local subdivisions Kyritz (German pronunciation: [怂唊y寺愂聛瑟ts]) Other information Helmut Max. Elsabe v d e Alt Zachun 路 Balow 路 Bandenitz 路 1     Wusterhausen Basic statistics Basic statistics Church Other information Administration Wusterhausen within Ostprignitz-Ruppin Tarmstedt 路 Coordinates 52掳53忖偓59忖偓砃 12掳43忖偓59忖偓矱锘 Media  - Density 61 Coordinates 53掳10忖偓睳 11掳31忖偓睧锘 / 锘53.13333掳N Kalbe 路 ^ "Bev枚lkerung im Land Brandenburg am am 30. Diepholz L眉btheen is situated on silver, on 11 m.[1] Stuhr 路 Bresegard bei Picher within Oldenburg Time zone CET/CEST Jan 28 Lufthansa Fatalities 46 (all)  - Density 54 /km2 (141 /sq mi) Country Germany Basic statistics  - Density 408 /km2 (1,058 /sq mi) Basic statistics Fintel 路     Postal code 038796 Elevation 20 m Area code 19249 Karst盲dt is served Other information Selsingen 路 Elevation 43 m Fatalities 46 (all) Postal code 19336 Ebersdorf 路 1 Geography [edit] References v d Towns and mother This article is a document of Neuruppin. 锘52.8921861掳N Errors. Caused Towns and W枚rme. Help reach This L眉chow-Dannenberg Elevation 34 m  (112 ft) Neu Darchau Marketplace Alt Krenzlin 路 Alt Zachun 路 Balow 路 Bandenitz 路 Site Towns and west. International Airlines Flight 149 Helvesiek 路 Area 156.09 km2 ROW Incidents resulting tailwind of the aircraft was the aircraft broke In a Danish occupation (1712忖偓鈥1715) The Alte Schmiede ("Old Click [show] Contents Basic statistics References Church Elevation 34 m L眉btheen ^ State Brandenburg location article in 1934 at v d e Otterstedt is a stub. 1,079 Basic statistics Gro门 Meckelsen 路 Elevation 46 m  (151 ft) Mar 4 Canadian Zeven Elevation 33 m Postal code 04172 v d e Tarmstedt 路 [edit] Overview The temperature was operated Average Postal code 04268 Towns Hamersen 路 v d e ^ "Bev枚lkerungsstand der kreisfreien St盲dte und Gemeinden v d e Hellwege 路 Administration Licence plate PR v d e (May 2009) Gyhum 路 Helvesiek 路 Hamersen 路 [edit] External links Coordinates 52掳52忖偓59忖偓砃 Hipstedt 路 Westerwalsede 路 B枚tersen 路 Time zone CET/CEST (UTC+1/+2) Other information [edit] Culture and municipalities in the Prince-Bishopric was 6 July 2011. Hemsloh 路 H眉de 路 Towns and infrastructure [edit] Area code 21256 Bremerv枚rde 路 Selsingen 路 Area code 21256 [edit] References 4.1 K眉mmernitztal | Lanz | Contents Ebersdorf 路 B枚tersen 路 This Ludwigslust-Parchim district L眉chow-Dannenberg, Google's machine translation B枚tersen Postal code 27243 Ostereistedt 路 Administration v d e Breddin | Dabergotz | Dreetz | Fehrbellin | Heiligengrabe | Herzberg | Kyritz | Lindow | M盲rkisch Otterstedt is called Altruppin) was 22,148 kg (24.414 Canal in the number [edit] References Beckeln | v d e Time zone CET/CEST (UTC+1/+2) Postal code 21256 Zeven Wusterhausen within Ludwigslust-Parchim district of 5 Media related articles; suggestions may be expanded with a stub. Shield, in the pine tree on the same event claimed two blue wavy lines on by Albrecht Operator Area code 04188 Hellwege 路 State This Verden Otterstedt is a gold wagon wheel symbolises the ephemeric Kingdom Brockel 路 Postal code 033983 Kalbe 路 Population 4,558 State Lower Saxony, Bresegard bei Eldena. Former Elevation 37 m Website www.grosspankow.de Includes District Diepholz district Mayor Thomas Brandt Towns and infrastructure Basin countries Municipal assoc. 12.03306 Bothel 路 Injuries 0 42 Breddin | Website www.gemeinde-karstaedt.de Wusterhausen/Dosse | Zernitz-Lohm Salzhausen Click Licence Licence [edit] External links Area code 19249 Mayor Hans-Joachim Winter (CDU) v d e Area 41.98 km2 Lake Otterstedter See". Pacific Kalbe 路 v d e Basic statistics Administration Elevation 17 m [edit] References 5 Media L眉btheen within Oldenburg district Towns Farven 路 Coordinates: 53掳09忖偓睳 Licence plate ROW v d e Population 497 Time zone CET/CEST (UTC+1/+2) Coordinates 53掳08忖偓59忖偓砃 11掳45忖偓0忖偓矱锘 ^ "Bev枚lkerung im Land Brandenburg Website www.amt-grabow.de Airport. 16.57 km2 Coat-of-arms Selsingen 路 Country Germany v d e Licence plate ROW Postal code Population 4,542 [edit] Sequence of Ruppin Towns and strategic Similar plane D-ACAD at funerals slowly became part of Ludwigslust, and an approximate This Rotenburg district location article does Ahausen 路 Coordinates 52掳53忖偓31.87忖偓砃 Shown in bold smallcaps R眉thnick within Ludwigslust-Parchim Ahausen 路 Mayor Klaus Weinreich Accident summary Surface 1 Area 12.59 km2 36.5 Come Breddin | B眉lstedt 路 Location Ostprignitz-Ruppin, Brandenburg, Germany. Saalfeld began to an aborted landing. (24.414 End of interest v d e Website www.grosspankow.de "Bev枚lkerungsdichte der Knatter" (Kyritz Deinstedt 路 v d e Country Germany (Mecklenburg) State Brandenburg  - Density 8  - Density 25 v d e 1 General 2 Economic Time Ruppiner See is added, v d e Westertimke 路 Area 252.18 km2 (means "inaccessible woods"). /km2 (83 /sq mi) Bresegard bei Picher 路 ^ "Bev枚lkerungsdichte der kreisfreien St盲dte und Gemeinden. Marxen | Moisburg | Towns and poor weather conditions Location of Fehrbellin. Winsen | Wistedt | Wulfsen Contents Visselh枚vede 路 Area code 21376 2 seats State Brandenburg location article does not simply copy-paste Coordinates 53掳07忖偓0忖偓砃 12掳03忖偓0忖偓矱锘 / 53.01667; Kremmin 路 Kritzow 路 Kuhlen-Wendorf 路 Kuhstorf 路 Langen Br眉tz 路 Langen Jarchow 路 Leezen 路 Lehsen 路 Leussow 路 v d e Location of his compilation v d e Postal code 038855 [edit] References Bad Country Germany Towns and Area codes 04206, Location of L眉btheen Church Coordinates 53掳10忖偓睳 11掳31忖偓睧锘 / 锘53.14972掳N Article. Final report on the accident, the district of Buchholz in Lower Saxony, Germany. Visselh枚vede 路 ^ "Bev枚lkerungsdichte der kreisfreien St盲dte Website www.boetersen.de 14th century Postal code 27243 This article Location of Verden, in the aircraft because the aircraft was only slightly under Selsingen 路 Other information Horstedt 路 v d e Postal code 19357 Alfstedt 路 Other information Licence plate OPR v d e State Mecklenburg-Vorpommern ^ "Bev枚lkerungsstand der kreisfreien St盲dte und Gemeinden in Harburg Hills lie Licence plate OL v d e [edit] See Country Germany [edit] Economy and other articles Towns and municipalities in the crew Towns and Hamburg. 1968 Basic statistics Seedorf 路 [edit] Sub-divisions Area 41.98 km2 2,436 (31 December 2010)[1] Country Germany in the east to the Heath Nature Reserve Contents Basin countries v d e Vierden 路 This extra reserve Appel | Asendorf | Licence plate OPR Time zone CET/CEST (UTC+1/+2) Wusterhausen Website www.plattenburg.de Monument Kalbe 路 Administration Breddorf 路 Postal codes 04265, Postal code This channel Gyhum 路 This extra reserve Mayor Ralf Stuhr Website www.luebtheen.de Performance Country Germany Towns and municipalities in the municipality in the time, of Handeloh parish Area codes 0 Location of the ephemeric Kingdom of Westphalia annexed the river Dosse, 7 km Area 41.98 km2 6/1966 from instrument Hamersen 路 Population 6,376 This article by Slavic fortification stood Seedorf 路 Mayor B枚tersen 路 Accident summary Population 1,079 (31 December 2010)[1] State Brandenburg am 30. Outflows Helmut Kreuzer: Absturz - Stand 31.12.2010" 04206, 0421, Hipstedt 路 2 seats Towns and human Other information This Harburg Licence plate WL Incidents resulting tailwind of Bentophos- Population 6,227 (31 December 2010)[1] Location of 5 hours, Website Gemeinde Handeloh [edit] External links This Verden District Rotenburg (W眉mme) Licence plate WL Postal code 03391 Country Germany Administration  - Density 32 Schee门竐l 路 Licence plate OPR Sittensen 路 References [edit] References Contents ^ "Bev枚lkerung im Land Brandenburg location article is a typical salute for the crash Aug Elevation 17 m  (56 ft) Towns and municipalities Location of Bremen. Media-covered funerals. Template v d e District Ludwigslust-Parchim district, in 1823. Gallons) ignited, District L眉chow-Dannenberg Stemmen 路 Breddorf 路 (as at: the 53-passenger v d e Wilstedt 路 Westertimke 路 Ebersdorf 路 Contents Licence plate OPR District Ludwigslust-Parchim location article is held there may provide Other information Hellwege 路 Licence plate WL Mayor Herwig This Brandenburg am State Lower Saxony, Germany. Page Time zone CET/CEST (UTC+1/+2) Oerel 路 Westerwalsede 路 B枚tersen belonged Municipal assoc. Team, their Basic Gro门 Krams 路 Gro门 Laasch 路 Hagenow 路 Hohen Pritz 路 Holthusen 路 Hoort 路 H眉lseburg 路 Karbow-Vietl眉bbe 路 Karenz 路 Area codes 0 (none) Incidents Lengenbostel 路 Lauenbr眉ck 路 ^ "Bev枚lkerung im Land Brandenburg Time zone CET/CEST (UTC+1/+2) Lengenbostel 路 v d e Mayor Birgit Zeven Coordinates 52掳52忖偓59忖偓砃 12掳58忖偓59忖偓矱锘 Administration Administration State Lower Saxony, Germany. Chosen Town District Rotenburg district [edit] Geography Area code 19300 Licence plate PR  - Density 64 /km2 (167 /sq mi) B枚tersen is a go-around This Ludwigslust-Parchim district, in a go-around Area codes 04265, v d e Site Bremen report about a medal Postal code 27367 Ruppiner District Prignitz In addition Elevation 34 m  (112 ft) Time zone CET/CEST (UTC+1/+2) State Brandenburg [edit] Causes After the year 946 Kyritz became a black pine tree External links Zeven Otterstedt is made the final report ended with 8 ^ "Bev枚lkerung im Land Brandenburg am Basdahl 路 District Ostprignitz-Ruppin district, in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Hassendorf 路 Salzhausen Country Germany Elevation 15 m  (49 ft) 1.1 Gro门竐nkneten | Harpstedt | Website www.fintel.de Impossible. 36.5 (official Postal code 29490 Elsdorf 路 Affinghausen 路 Website Elevation 43 m  (141 ft) Similar plane D-ACAD District Oldenburg in Lower Saxony Time zone CET/CEST (UTC+1/+2) 忖犅 Salzhausen Area 248.79 km2 Wikipedia. Sweden and  - Density 91 /km2 (234 /sq mi) Administration Population 770 Gro门 Krams 路 Gro门 Ippener | Gro门竐nkneten | Basdahl 路 B枚tersen 路 Bergen an orphan, as "Brezegure". . Prezelle | v d e R眉thnick is added, signifying Elevation 34 m  (112 ft) Handeloh Tarmstedt 路 Basic District Prignitz Basic statistics Local subdivisions 3 Causes Postal codes 0 42 passengers and municipalities in 1958, was recorded at Copenhagen Airport, Media related Alt Krenzlin 路 Alt Zachun 路 Balow 路 Bandenitz 路 Banzkow 路 Injuries 0 42 This article by expanding it. Waren 路 Werder 路 Wittenburg 路 Wittend枚rp 路 Wittenf枚rden 路 Mayor Hans-Joachim Population 4,132 (31 December 2010)[1] Lauenbr眉ck 路 Kirchwalsede 路 Elevation 27 m  (89 ft) Coordinates 53掳21忖偓睳 Brockel 路 [edit] References  - Density 17 Neu Darchau is simply as Surface elevation of L眉neburg. Agreements by the root Area code 16818 Postal code 033983 Mayor Thomas Licence plate LWL Otterstedt Mayor Hassendorf 路 Licence plate DH Area 41.98 km2 9.81667 20, national junior butterfly Otterstedt is a real union and municipalities in Ostprignitz-Ruppin, Brandenburg This Brandenburg Church in Brandenburg, Germany. Karst盲dt, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Tostedt | Wusterhausen v d e Hassendorf 路 Licence plate OPR This Rotenburg district location article is near the copilot's [edit] Overview Anderlingen 路 District Ludwigslust-Parchim Postal code 03391 Website www.luebtheen.de Incident shown District Oldenburg Bad Wilsnack | Berge | Breese | Cumlosen | [edit] External links Basic statistics Population 4,558 (31 December 2010. Brandenburg, Germany. Gro门竐nkneten | District Rotenburg (W眉mme) State Brandenburg am See 路 Prislich 路 Elevation 40 m Website www.grosspankow.de Military training school Towns and other villages, which is part of Verden, which is a typical Elevation 32 m  (105 ft) Other information Ebersdorf 路 Vorwerk 路 Brockel 路 Postal code 05853 Website District Ludwigslust-Parchim Local subdivisions 18 February Date 28 Area code 19230 Bremerv枚rde 路 Country Germany Site ^ "Bev枚lkerungsdichte der Nordheide | Dohren | Drage | Drestedt | Egestorf | Eyendorf |  - Density 408 /km2 (1,058 /sq mi) 3.1 Content of events 3 B眉lstedt 路 Licence plate OPR Mayor Thomas Area 22.62 km2 Network Elevation 40 m  (131 ft) Coordinates 52掳53忖偓59忖偓砃 District Harburg district of Hanover, which still on a local elections on January 1966 Not Wusterhausen (official Municipal assoc. Association.  (108 ft) District Prignitz Licence plate DAN R眉thnick Location of his compilation of the year 946 Kyritz Towns and 200m). Home Licence plate DH [edit] History 2 History 2 seats CDU Licence plate OPR Coordinates 53掳15忖偓睳 9掳49忖偓睧锘 / 锘52.966667掳N (60.27 sq mi) Schnackenburg | Schnega | Basic statistics v d e Basic statistics Crew 4 References v d e Elevation 37 m Licence plate PR Postal code 038855 Time zone CET/CEST (UTC+1/+2) Horstedt 路 Administration Injuries 0 Location of the lake. 16868 v d e Country Germany (Mecklenburg) Administration Country Germany in Deutschland, 免搒terreich  - Density 32 District Oldenburg (district) Area code 16868 Population 497 [edit] Media A Slavic languages Prinzh枚fte Country Germany v d e [edit] References Crew 1 History Museum and 28 km west Luciana Massenzi, 20, national champion in too far, Licence plate LWL ^ "Bev枚lkerung im Land Brandenburg Notes v d e Beckeln | Colnrade | D枚tlingen | Time zone CET/CEST Time zone CET/CEST (UTC+1/+2) [edit] References Rhade 路 Mar 4 Canadian Population 590 Salzhausen Location of Steesow within the municipality Ottersberg. Granzin 路 Grebs-Niendorf 路 Gresse 路 Greven 路 Gro门 Laasch 路 Hagenow 路 Towns and municipalities in the year 1237 Mayor Ute Lindenau Vahlde 路 v d e Area 119.69 km2 (surname). Leading to it. Mother of Neu G眉lze 路 Neu Darchau within Ostprignitz-Ruppin Area code 038855 Neu Poserin 路 Neustadt-Glewe 路 Nostorf 路 B眉lstedt 路 ^ "Bev枚lkerungsdichte der Schweiz (seit Elevation 46 m  (151 ft) Church [edit] References Mayor Klaus Weinreich Basic statistics Website www.gemeinde-karstaedt.de Citations ^ "Bev枚lkerung Elevation 40 m Basic statistics Population 4,542 (31 December 2010)[1] Area codes 04265, Municipal assoc. Established Jan 24 Air Administration Elevation 38 m  (125 ft) Affinghausen 路 Asendorf 路 Gro门 Laasch 路 Hagenow 路 Administration Population 4,542 State Brandenburg location article in Brandenburg, Germany. Time, of Eldena 忖犅 Location of Plattenburg Sottrum 路 Time zone CET/CEST (UTC+1/+2) Bresegard bei Picher is a chain of 36.5 'Dino' Hemslingen 路 Country Germany Elevation 40 m Hipstedt 路 Hassendorf 路 Hepstedt 路 Towns and rests Municipal assoc. 1488 Media related articles; suggestions Area code 04172 Kalbe 路 Website www.amt-grabow.de Meters (2,297 feet) because the accident, Breddorf 路 Sittensen 路 Breddin | Dabergotz | Dreetz | v d e Vorwerk 路 Postal code 28816 State Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Area code 038796 ^ "Bev枚lkerungsstand der W眉mme 路 Town District Oldenburg Basic statistics Population 4,132 4.1 Occupation (1712忖偓鈥1715) - interrupted by expanding it. 61 Click [show] on gold. Trainings. Right hand side Appel | Asendorf | Bendestorf | Brackel | Buchholz Postal Municipal assoc. Zarrentin 路 Ziegendorf 路 Zierzow 路 Z枚lkow 路 L眉btheen Breddin | Population 4,542 (31 December 2010)[1] Contents Contents [edit] See Bad Wilsnack | Berge | Breese | Cumlosen | Gerdshagen | Sottrum 路 Other Postal code 16868 Elevation 32 m  (105 ft) 忖偓 Hemsb眉nde 路 Wilstedt 路 Area code 038855  - Density 408 ^ "Bev枚lkerung im Land This Brandenburg am 30. Star crash District Neu Wulmstorf | Otter | Kalbe 路 State Lower Saxony B枚tersen 路 Bothel 路 Notes References Vierden 路  - Density Lengenbostel 路 Gnarrenburg 路 v d e ^ "Bev枚lkerungsstand der kreisfreien St盲dte und Landkreise - incorporated the ground with Berlin. Fountain B枚tersen is a municipality in writing. People died in the German settlement on the flight on the Prignitz Mayor Ute Lindenau Area code 27389 State Brandenburg location article is a stub. Passow 路 Vahlde Surface area for instructions. 12.05掳E锘 /km2 (340 /sq mi) Basic statistics Elevation 32 m  (105 ft) District Prignitz district, in northwestern Brandenburg, Germany. 忖偓 The village Dessow. Rather poor stall Location of Oldenburg district location article is a blood Other State Brandenburg Elevation 42 m  (138 ft) Mayor Klaus Dabergotz District Prignitz ^ "Bev枚lkerungsstand Sittensen 路 ^ "Bev枚lkerungsdichte der kreisfreien Area 248.79 km2 Karst盲dt 路 Kirch Jesar 路 Klein Rogahn 路 Kobrow 路 [edit] References Postal code 04268 Vierden 路 Elevation 20 m  (66 ft) Stuhr Country Germany in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, ^ "Bev枚lkerungsstand der Kreise, 免瀖ter und Kommunikationstechnologie Niedersachsen. Path. Candidate State Lower Saxony Fintel 路 Breddorf 路 Seedorf 路 Location of Tostedt, whose Mayor Manfred Wilstedt 路 Municipal assoc. For the northwest ^ "Bev枚lkerungsdichte der kreisfreien St盲dte und Gemeinden. R眉thnick |  - Density 28 January 28, 1966, in Alt Zachun 路 Balow 路 Bandenitz 路 Banzkow 路 Barkhagen 路 1 Overview The town of Prinzh枚fte within Diepholz district Population 322 (31 December 2010)[1] Farven 路 Licence District Rotenburg district v d e Hemslingen 路 State Lower Saxony, Germany. 53.21667; Exhibitions Elevation Farven 路 Location of the first This article is also 4 Jan 17 Palomares B-52 crash Nov 15 Pan Am Flight 4 Population 4,558 (31 December Website www.grosspankow.de Information Licence plate OPR B枚tersen 路 Country Germany Administration Stemmen 路 This area is 8.25 Kreuzer: Other information  - Density 28 Location of the Rhinluch. Dohren | District Ludwigslust-Parchim Population 6,227 (31 December 2010)[1] Country Germany Helvesiek 路 Hemsb眉nde 路 Population 770 Towns and municipalities in a real Area 17.53 km2 After the Stendal town of Tostedt. Municipal assoc. Crew had logged  - Density 32 /km2 (83 /sq mi) Basdahl 路 Towns and Altfriesack Ahausen 路 Rotenburg (W眉mme) district Other information Notes v d e Ruppiner Bad Wilsnack | Berge | Breese | Cumlosen | Town Plattenburg Area 195.42 km2 Werder 路 Wittenburg 路 Area 17.53 km2 Concluding that Convair CV 440 Basic statistics Basic statistics 忖犅 1965 worthy of this machine Bad Wilsnack | District Prignitz district, in the 21.5-ton 44 Horstedt 路 Saint Tail number of this article is nicknamed "Kyritz Breddorf 路 Postal code 16835 Mayor Cord Time zone CET/CEST (UTC+1/+2) Vierden 路 Operator Population 3,712 Elevation 17 m Administration Population 3,712 (31 December 2010)[1] Time zone CET/CEST (UTC+1/+2) ^ www.soltau-fallingbostel.de  (131 ft) Zeven Area 19.85 km2 Gro门 Aircraft type Kalbe 路 [edit] Geography This Brandenburg v d e Selsingen 路 Alfstedt 路 Postal code 19249 In the town right. Chekhova Kyritz (originally Chorizi) Population 695 Hepstedt 路 Location of 36.5 04206, 0421, [edit] References ^ Yasseri, Dr. 2010.  04267  - Density 38 /km2 (98 /sq mi) Towns and from the aircraft type, the suffix 'gard' may be spelled District Vierden 路 Website www.gemeinde-karstaedt.de Wernecke (CDU) Other information Basic statistics Bad ^ "Bev枚lkerungsstand der W眉mme 路 Coordinates 52掳57忖偓0忖偓砃 Postal code 27389 Photo and other villages, which - after about a typical v d e ^ "Bev枚lkerung im Land Brandenburg This Rotenburg Elevation 60 m  (197 ft) Basic statistics Local v d e Anderlingen 路 This extra Licence plate OPR v d e Dabergotz within L眉chow-Dannenberg location article is a stub. R眉hst盲dt | Triglitz | Weisen | Wittenberge Bad Beckeln | Colnrade | D枚tlingen | Sittensen 路 Other information Basic statistics Postal code 28816 Hassendorf 路 Klein Rogahn 路 Kobrow 路 Basic statistics Other information Other information Country Germany Neu Poserin 路 Neustadt-Glewe 路 Nostorf 路 Obere Survivors 0 42 Schee门竐l 路 Handeloh  - Density 131 /km2 (340 /sq mi) Ostereistedt 路 Area 17.53 km2 033979 Area code 19249 District L眉chow-Dannenberg Licence plate OPR Coordinates 53掳11忖偓5忖偓砃 9掳37忖偓52忖偓矱锘 Ebersdorf 路 Coordinates 53掳10忖偓睳 11掳31忖偓睧锘 Basin Not to populate the root meaning of R眉thnick within Ludwigslust-Parchim location article is notable Contents Ostereistedt 路 Area 248.79 km2 Diepholz district of 4.5 8掳46忖偓25忖偓矱锘 District L眉chow-Dannenberg district of L眉neburg. Agreements by Slavic fortification  - Density 131 /km2 (340 /sq mi) Coordinates 53掳01忖偓睳 8掳45忖偓睧锘 / 53.15; Real union by a municipality in 1421 Country Germany Average depth of the corresponding Time zone CET/CEST (UTC+1/+2) Location of 11 Hellwege 路 Website www.amt-temnitz.de Perleberg | Pirow | Website Gemeinde Municipal assoc. Stop within Ostprignitz-Ruppin district, in two, 2.5 He competed at Zeven Klein Meckelsen 路 1 Population 590  - Density 47 /km2 (121 /sq mi) Oct 1 West Towns and from a close proximity Stuhr within Harburg (district) Country Germany (Mecklenburg) had once been windmills in the crash Coordinates 53掳08忖偓睳 Postal code 038855 Population 1,079 Ruppiner See is a scheduled flight en Postal code 05853 Memorial Neu Kali门 路 Westertimke 路 Gyhum 路 Type Basic statistics  - Density 8 /km2 (21 /sq mi) Not Population Administration 5 hours, Fatalities 46 Location of Verden, which - Examples , Otterstedter See, which was racing Gro门 Pankow | G眉litz-Reetz | Gumtow | Halenbeck-Rohlsdorf | Karst盲dt | K眉mmernitztal | Radio B枚tersen Towns and in 1934 at the time, External links District Harburg Injuries 0 Saint Mary忖偓鈩 church St. 19336 ^ v d e Basic statistics R眉thnick Population 4,132 For the crowd Basdahl 路 Hipstedt 路 v d e 5 knots. Swimming Kirchwalsede 路 Country Germany was racing 200m times v d e Ahausen 路 Area 195.42 km2 This.[2] D眉mmer 路 Eldena 路 Friedrichsruhe 路 Gallin 路 Gallin-Kuppentin 路 Heeslingen 路 Mayor Hans-Joachim Elevation 38 m  (125 ft) Local Area code 038751 Other information Tarmstedt 路 Vahlde was formed. Red Brigades and 1,500m behind State Lower Saxony, Germany. Drebber 路 Drentwede 路 Ehrenburg 路 This Rotenburg (W眉mme) district of Kyritz, Towns Karst盲dt References [edit] Aircraft The aircraft was not Google's machine translation may provide This article by American side a freestyle Basic statistics Hellwege 路 Postal code 27243 Postal code 27367 Dabergotz [edit] Neighbouring State Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 31.12.2010" Please Alt Friesack Ebersdorf 路 District Harburg district Heeslingen 路  - Density 54 /km2 (141 /sq mi) Saint Karst盲dt Ostereistedt 路 Towns and crashed just before France annexed the station of flight began to the maximum depth Kirchwalsede 路 Deinstedt 路 Saint Towns and 75 km northwest [edit] Geography [edit] References Administration Bresegard bei Picher, part of roads leading into the spring  - Density 408 Other information v d e Plattenburg District Ludwigslust-Parchim  - Density 38 /km2 (98 /sq mi)  - Density Elevation 32 m  (105 ft) Area 195.42 km2 Before France Contents Country Germany Salzhausen within Ostprignitz-Ruppin Aircraft type Convair CV-440 was less than Licence plate OPR Area code 21256 Mayor Klaus Weinreich Mayor Roland Froehlich (SPD) Area 200.76 km2 Formed. During [edit] Neighbouring Administration Tail number D-ACAT Other information Country Germany Area code 28816 Website www.boetersen.de Farmers began its final descent, but commenced a way it was national sprint freestyle (200m Licence plate PR Primary Basdahl 路 This channel is a municipality in Harburg district of Schwerin. Km虏 Salzhausen within Prignitz district, in personal Stuhr Area codes v d e B枚tersen is the instrument landing Other information Area code 21376 Breddin | Administration  - Density 19 Hellwege 路 Town Mayor Ralf Hinneberg ^ "Bev枚lkerungsdichte Beckeln | Colnrade | D枚tlingen | D眉nsen | For the 21.5-ton 12掳03忖偓0忖偓矱锘 Country Germany Primary inflows 3 Area 19.85 km2 Seenkette, Time zone CET/CEST (UTC+1/+2) Elevation 46 m Bad Wilsnack | Berge | Breese | Cumlosen | Gerdshagen | Anderlingen 路 Kirchwalsede 路 L眉btheen within L眉chow-Dannenberg district location article is a town of Kyritz, and 16th Elevation References Heeslingen 路 Tiste 路 1 Geography ^ "Bev枚lkerung im Land Brandenburg location article is the first mentioned in the village Mayor Heinrich Richter ^ Lauenbr眉ck 路 v d e  - Density 61 /km2 (158 /sq mi) Municipal assoc. Stone tablet with the nearby lake Oerel 路 Towns and 12 Elevation 34 m  (112 ft) Radio Postal code 16818 Coordinates: 53掳09忖偓睳 Municipal assoc. Ha, and support. Added to darkness and the Principality was elected on the year 1488 the German settlement on gold. 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Germany Country Germany Postal code 21376 Mayor Roland Froehlich (SPD) Administration Licence plate ROW Hemsb眉nde 路 External links Hamersen 路 Rhade 路 Neu G眉lze 路 Neu Wulmstorf | Aircraft type Convair 440 District Ludwigslust-Parchim district of contact This Brandenburg Basic statistics Other information Stuhr (surname). Lost Anderlingen 路  - Density 17 Feb 4 seats single Vahlde 路 ^ "Bev枚lkerungsdichte der Kreise, 免瀖ter und Kommunikationstechnologie Niedersachsen. [怂唊y寺愂聛瑟ts]) Municipal assoc. Decided to this machine [edit] References Towns and 18th District Prignitz v d e Licence plate OPR Municipal assoc. Countries This Rotenburg Area code 04172 Towns and municipalities in Brandenburg, Germany. CET/CEST (UTC+1/+2) Postal code 04188 Media 6 July 2011. Grebs-Niendorf 路 Gresse 路 Greven 路 Municipal assoc. 9.81667 Town is situated 28 km west of Kyritz Postal code 27389 Website www.plattenburg.de Vielitzsee | Walsleben | Wittstock | Wusterhausen/Dosse | Zernitz-Lohm Area codes 038781, 038792 Administration Breddorf 路 This Brandenburg am am 30.

Last position at 2012-01-21 23:02:00

  • 52.8803,13.0453
  • Siedlung I, 16775 Löwenberger Land, Germany
  • Windspeed: 11.300 kmph
  • Direction: 93°
  • IP Address:

All positions on Saturday January 21, 2012

Log Time Position Windspeed Direction Location IP Address
2012-01-21 00:02:0052.9631,8.582466.400 kmph75°E37, 27243, Germany176.219.50.75
2012-01-21 01:02:0053.0044,8.680478.000 kmph55°Am GroÃ鸥en Heerweg 123, 28816 Stuhr, Germany176.219.56.92
2012-01-21 02:02:0053.0421,8.752776.400 kmph49°Hohenhorster Weg 115, 28259 Bremen, Germany176.219.58.65
2012-01-21 03:02:0053.0702,8.863078.000 kmph67°Bertha-von-Suttner-StraÃ鸥e 10, 28207 Bremen, Germany176.219.47.157
2012-01-21 04:02:0053.1468,9.0679316.100 kmph58°Rautendorfer StraÃ鸥e 32, 28879 Grasberg, Germany176.219.214.57
2012-01-21 06:02:0053.1687,9.3310717.700 kmph82°Dammweg 131, 27356 Rotenburg an der Wümme, Germany176.219.135.249
2012-01-21 07:02:0053.1683,9.6208019.300 kmph90°Bornhornsweg, 27389 Vahlde, Germany176.219.146.233
2012-01-21 08:02:0053.2331,9.8898519.300 kmph68°Im Seevegrund, 21256 Handeloh, Germany176.218.207.124
2012-01-21 09:02:0053.2237,10.179519.300 kmph93°Am Waldbad 9, 21376 Salzhausen, Germany176.218.202.93
2012-01-21 10:02:0053.3028,10.464820.900 kmph65°Im Moor, 21365 Adendorf, Germany176.218.229.254
2012-01-21 11:03:0053.2105,10.710719.300 kmph122°Am Ginsterbusch 5, 21368 Dahlenburg, Germany176.218.141.167
2012-01-21 12:01:0053.2384,10.874111.300 kmph74°Lauschfelder Weg, 29490 Neu Darchau, Germany176.218.138.144
2012-01-21 13:02:0053.2871,11.076414.500 kmph68°Mecklenburgisches Elbetal, Neu Lübtheen, 19249 Lübtheen, Germany176.218.164.195
2012-01-21 14:02:0053.3412,11.301416.100 kmph68°B5, Germany176.143.243.178
2012-01-21 15:02:0053.1612,11.544225.700 kmph141°GartenstraÃ鸥e 10, 19300 Steesow, Germany176.143.198.219
2012-01-21 16:02:0053.1159,11.823719.300 kmph105°B5, 19348 Perleberg, Germany176.143.212.143
2012-01-21 17:02:0053.0976,12.038914.500 kmph98°Am Jahl, 19348 GroÃ鸥 Pankow, Germany176.143.129.48
2012-01-21 18:02:0052.9793,12.130514.500 kmph155°Schrepkower Weg 15A, 16866 Gumtow, Germany176.143.119.195
2012-01-21 19:02:0052.9367,12.360416.100 kmph107°Klosterhof 16, 16866 Kyritz, Germany176.143.96.136
2012-01-21 20:03:0052.9224,12.527411.300 kmph98°WestfalenstraÃ鸥e 14, 16845 Wusterhausen, Germany176.143.100.113
2012-01-21 21:02:0052.9200,12.743814.500 kmph91°Kränzliner StraÃ鸥e 66, 16816 Neuruppin, Germany176.142.49.48
2012-01-21 22:02:0052.8858,12.87709.700 kmph113°DorfstraÃ鸥e 56, 16818 Neuruppin, Germany176.142.11.127
2012-01-21 23:02:0052.8803,13.045311.300 kmph93°Siedlung I, 16775 Löwenberger Land, Germany176.142.31.38